Connecting people and communities, for the better

Technology is already having a profound impact in healthcare, transforming patient experiences and improving the operational efficiency of service providers. Now more than ever, it’s critical we keep people and communities connected, manage conditions away from a hospital setting where possible and provide the tools to help people to live more active lifestyles.

Together, we’re making this a reality.

A connectivity partner you can trust

We believe that the better the world communicates, the better the world. We’re working with technology and healthcare service providers across the world for applications like healthcare & remote patient monitoring, supply chain & logistics (like smart labels) and wellness products.

We were Apple’s launch partner in 7 countries for Family Setup – extending the benefits of a connected Apple Watch to family members who don’t have an iPhone. It’s a great solution for people with younger children or elderly parents to regularly keep track of their whereabouts, their health and their online safety—using the best wearable device and cellular plans for Apple Watch on the market.

apple watch

eSIM is a driving force

Connected health and wellbeing is fast becoming accessible to all, with the growth of devices and applications, the IoT and more affordable ways to connect. Truphone is a leader in eSIM technology, where connectivity is embedded in the device, bringing new possibilities to connect with new and inspiring use cases in healthcare.

Benefits of connected healthcare

  • New patient experience

    New patient experience

    Technology is having a profound impact in healthcare and transforming the patient experience.

  • Healthcare, optimized

    Healthcare, optimized

    Enabling providers to deliver better outcomes, improved care quality and significant cost savings.

  • A network you can trust

    A network you can trust

    Streamlined operational processes, access to information, and uninterrupted connectivity.

  • Patient-centric


    Create an environment that is patient-centric and enables staff to enhance care delivery.

MedFuse 2020

Truphone is attending MedFuse 2020 on October 22nd and we’ll discuss eSIM, IoT and connected healthcare. Join us!