Truphone’s IoT eSIM solution enables Planet Monetic to expand its European footprint

Planet Monetic is a leading player in the electronic payment market and has been distributing and developing electronic payment solutions and services for nearly twenty years.

Truphone’s IoT eSIM solution enables Planet Monetic to expand its European footprint

“With the development of new forms of payment, in particular the arrival of new TPE, TPA and TPV, traditional operators no longer offered enough data to meet the requirements for this new software. We needed a solution that would allow us to better support the evolution of the market, and that’s how we found Truphone.”

Sébastien Béraud, Founder at Planet Monetic

Planet Monetic Business Challenge

Planet Monetic offers its customers a unique proposition: flexible, tailor-made solutions without any commitment or fixed duration.

But the payment methods market has been undergoing rapid change, and the company needed to anticipate and keep up with this change in order to scale with the times, take advantage of the sector’s growth and maintain its industry-leading position.

With the arrival of new EPTs (Enterprise Payment Terminals) which were developed under Android and allow businesses more proprietary freedom, Planet Monetic was able to seek a solution that was both more suitable and competitive—one which would allow the company to explore the new potential in the market.

That’s where Truphone came in.

Truphone Solution

Planet Monetic’s founder, Sébastien Béraud, found in Truphone a solution that is both multi-operational and supports more data. Utilising Truphone’s state-of-the-art eSIM technology, Planet Monetic can now connect its solutions anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. Through this, the company has now been able to increase its market share in France and across Europe.

The Truphone network, which supports 2G, 3G, 4G and CAT-M1 / LTE-M technologies worldwide with a single SIM card, gives Planet Monetic access to their IoT connectivity management platform. Truphone's simple and scalable IoT plans simplify the connectivity process, so Planet Monetic can focus on what it does best—developing its leading payment solutions.

With the development of new bank card payment instruments (such as Click & Collect collection points or electric vehicle recharging points), Planet Monetic is confidently looking to the future, backed by Truphone’s agile partnership.

"With its multi-operator offering and its comprehensive global IoT network coverage in 210 countries, Truphone offered us the ideal solution that allowed us to better support the evolution of the rapidly changing payment terminal market. Truphone has also enabled us to expand our range of customers."

Why Truphone

• Supports all technologies, from a single SIM card
• Unmatched data capacity
• Cost transparency
• One contract, one invoice
• Assistance 24/7/365 from a dedicated account manager

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