Truphone’s bespoke plan for Fox Sports wins every time

Truphone’s bespoke plan for Fox Sports wins every time

"To be able to work with one vendor to provide all of our mobile connectivity solutions really is a huge game-changer for us"

Kevin Callahan, Vice President, Operations & Engineering, Fox Sports

Fox Sports Business Challenge

As one of the largest sports broadcasters in the world, Fox Sports is on-site at every major sporting event, reporting on the biggest stories as they break. The broadcaster deploys journalists all over the world, often for months at a time. These pre-planned large-scale events are the focal point of the year for broadcasters, with multi-millions invested to ensure the best quality coverage.  

In order to keep its finger on the pulse, Fox Sports needed a reliable plan that would flex to suit the unpredictable nature of these events. Four years on, Truphone has developed bespoke plans for Fox Sports at some of the biggest events in the world, from the Olympics to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Truphone solution

Reporting on global sporting events requires constant communication and digital accessibility. When technical challenges arise – and arise they will – the ability to support under pressure is vital. Fox Sports didn’t just need a provider, it needed a partner—one that would go above and beyond to ensure every event is a success.

For Fox Sports, everything that it could do on home soil needed to be doable overseas, whether that was communicating seamlessly, or even calling from a local number. Under its Truphone plan, we enabled the Fox Sports team members to use one device with a local number for whatever country they happened to be in, as well as a US number—reachable on the same device.    

Companies like Fox Sports simply don’t benefit from the rigid phone plans that are handed out by standard mobile network operators—there needs to be room to negotiate. That’s why we designed a plan that would closely monitor their team’s usage whilst they were on the ground.

That way, we were across their activity and could flex to suit individual situations. If someone went over what the business predicted they would need, it wasn’t a problem. We’d simply allocate more under the same terms.

Why Truphone?

  • Allows you to have multiple numbers on a single device, so you can feel like a local anywhere
  • Reliable and secure connectivity, without relying on third parties. No glitches, no blind-spots—just a service you can trust
  • Flexible plans that are tailored exactly for you and your business

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