Truphone hits the right note for Whaletone

Truphone hits the right note for Whaletone

"Truphone supports my process of communication, around the world."

Elizabeth Madej, Co-owner and Director of Whaletone

Whaletone business challenge

Whaletone is a world-leading digital grand piano designer, noted for its cutting-edge aesthetic and technically advanced designs.

A holistic approach to the product, attention to the highest quality, openness to innovation and the marking out of new boundaries for products is inherent within the DNA of the company. Started in London, Whaletone coordinates project and production ventures which are concentrated in Europe have a worldwide trading reach.

As the company looked to expand internationally, Whaletone needed a mobile solution to support its growth plans—one that would scale in line with its new global needs.

“We have similar values—giving people joy and freedom in what they do.” – Robert Majkut, designer, co-owner and director of Whaletone.

The Truphone solution

Truphone was brought in to deliver a truly global plan for Whaletone. Our mobile solution enabled the company to do business freely, anywhere in the world, on multiple numbers, without having to worry about poor connections or unexpected charges.

No matter what the company needs to do via mobile, whether it is consulting on detailed design solutions or solving logistical issues like tracking the status of transporting a piano, Whaletone can do this with seamless connectivity.

Robert Majkut, Designer, Co-owner and Director of Whaletone, says: “Truphone gives us exactly what we need. A service that allows my activity in the countries that we operate to be the same as at home. We don’t have to worry about the cost of calls or needing multiple phones and SIM cards.”

To find out how Truphone hits the perfect note for Whaletone every time, watch the full video case study.

Why Truphone?

  • Allows you to have multiple numbers on a single device, so you can feel like a local anywhere
  • Reliable and secure connectivity, without relying on third parties. No glitches, no blind-spots—just a service you can trust
  • Flexible plans that are tailored exactly for you and your business

Tempted by one of our mobile plans, either for you our your business? Check out our plans for individuals or plans for businesses today.

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