Staying on top of work during your summer holiday

Staying on top of work during your summer holiday

Preparation is key for unwinding without worry

It's that time of year again. You've worked hard and you're due some time to relax in the sun. But being able to switch off completely is a luxury not all of us can afford.

Whether you're a big player in your workplace, own your own business or you're just going through a busy period, you might find the pull of work hard to resist.

As expert providers of international mobile plans, Truphone understands how important the ability to maintain communications on holiday can be. The truth is, preparation is everything. That's why we've created these 5 Ps to allow you to keep on top of work whilst on holiday - without it ruining your time in the sun.

Prepare your workload

Chances are your summer holiday has been in the pipeline for a while. This gives you plenty of time to get your affairs in order before you escape the daily grind, but you might have to work long hours leading up to your break.

In preparation for a hectic schedule, you might want to keep social functions to a minimum and always leave spare time in your work schedule to keep on top of unexpected situations.

Prepare your colleagues

Ahead of your holiday, it's important your colleagues or employees know what to do in your absence. Make sure they're aware of the most important things to take care of and set-up a number of protocols that will help them deal with any issues.

If you plan to get in touch with them on holiday, you don't want this to eat in to your relaxation time too much, so ensure that they're available for a quick chat to coincide with your spare time.

Prepare your family

You deserve a holiday and so do your family, but if you struggle to switch off from your work responsibilities while you're away, it doesn't have to spoil your break. By setting aside a small amount of time to scan through your most important emails or check-in with the office, you can relax in the knowledge that everything is under control.

You never know when that opportunity might arise to make a quick call, so choosing a mobile provider without roaming fees and 4G as standard where available can make life much simpler.

Prepare your customers and clients

Every job and business is different but if you have a set of important clients that you deal with on a day-to-day basis, you should ensure that they're well prepared for your holiday. Ensure that you speak to them in advance of your break and demonstrate how your business will manage them in your absence.

With the right technology and a little time set aside, there's no reason why your level of service should fall short when you're not at your desk.

Prepare your technology

Smartphones allow us to manage various aspects of our life on the go. With an international mobile plan, you can keep on top of work whilst abroad without worrying about paying hefty roaming fees when you return.

Truphone's international mobile plans come with data roaming free of charge, with bolt-ons available to cover the countries that you're visiting. This means you don't need a Wi-Fi connection to manage your emails or spreadsheets while you're by the pool.

Now relax

Being able to keep on top of work whilst on holiday is a great way to relieve the stress of returning home, but you want to make sure you make the most of your break. With the correct preparation, you can keep the work to a minimum and you and your family can enjoy the things that matter.

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