Truphone the right fit for global shoe designer Fitflop

Truphone the right fit for global shoe designer Fitflop

"The best thing about Truphone is that you're talking to the same people each time, so you are building up a relationship and you trust them to deliver an excellent service."

Mike Procyshyn, Head of Infrastructure, FitFlop

FitFlop™ is a designer and distributor of beautiful shoes that are optimized and engineered to make the wearer feel fantastic. FitFlop™ doesn't have retail outlets, but with 20 million shoes sold it's imperative that they are always in contact with their global distributors – especially as 18% of staff are constantly traveling.

Switching to Truphone enabled FitFlop™ to simplify its communication strategy and reduce mobile expenditures by up to 93% for some users.

FitFlop™ business challenge

Mike Procyshyn, Head of Infrastructure for FitFlop, explained that roaming costs "were getting out of control" due to huge business growth. While international roaming costs were only incurred by 10% of FitFlop staff, costs were so high they accounted for over 50% of the total monthly spend. Mike explained: "setting up our New York office, I wasn't getting anybody from the US phoning me back as our suppliers did not have international calling. This caused delays in communication, potentially leading to loss of business".

The Truphone solution

"Truphone solved all our problems" says Mike. With UK, US and Hong Kong numbers all on a single device, FitFlop staff no longer need multiple SIMs. Customers in these territories can now call FitFlop staff on a local number, wherever they are. Truphone has enabled dramatically reduced roaming costs too. Some FitFlop staff have even seen their monthly bills drop by up to 93%.

Great service

FitFlop feels that if they've got an issue, they can make a phone call and get it resolved – rather than being passed around a call center. "It's that personal touch. We feel like we get a good level of customer service." says Mike Procyshyn.

A local presence

The ability to have multiple numbers on a single Truphone SIM means FitFlop's international staff still maintains a local presence in the UK, US and Hong Kong. US and Hong Kong contacts can communicate easily and share data more efficiently because of this.

Cost savings

FitFlop has greatly reduced their roaming costs thanks to Truphone. Some users have reduced their monthly bills by as much as 93%.

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