As eSIM demand surges, Truphone once again listed in top three global players

As eSIM demand surges, Truphone once again listed in top three global players

By Michael Moorfield, Director of Product at Truphone

The latest figures from Counterpoint Research have shown that more than one billion eSIM (eUICC- and iUICC-based) capable devices have been shipped cumulatively to date.  

To comprehend just how quickly eSIM usage is growing, it is perhaps useful to remind ourselves that Apple only launched its first eSIM enabled iPhone in September 2018. The first tech giant to do so. This subsequently sparked widespread influence on the consumer device market, with eSIM adoption snowballing with all major manufacturers, including support, since then.

And the numbers show no sign of abating. In fact, uptake in eSIM use is set to grow across a gamut of connected devices over the next decade, expanding well beyond the realm of consumer devices and into just about every industry that requires a cellular connection.

At Truphone, we provisioned our very first eSIM in September 2018 and as we entered 2021, we eclipsed a total of 10 million eSIM activations. Our technology is helping over 500,000 new eSIM devices connect each and every month.  

It’s also worth noting that eSIM technology may see yet a further surge in uptake in 2021 and beyond. As the global pandemic shocked all our lives, businesses and consumers have never been more focused on reliable connectivity that can adapt to our changing circumstances and be easily managed without needing to leave the house.

Overtaking Incumbents

In terms of who is leading the eSIM charge in the industry, Counterpoint Research’s findings show us some interesting patterns, or more specifically: names. In the telco industry, eSIM is one area that isn’t dominated by household names. It’s a sector that is burgeoning off the back of challengers.

This year, Truphone is once again in the top three global eSIM management players—heralded as the most complete end-to-end eSIM solution with the best platform in the industry. With us, you get a complete end to end solution: eSIM software and hardware, Remote SIM Provisioning, an Entitlements Server and global connectivity. We like to think of ourselves as evidence that you don’t need a decades-long legacy in order to do eSIM right. Quite the opposite, in fact.  

While eSIM hasn’t historically seen widespread adoption, attitudes across the board are beginning to shift with the changing demand. Our own research, in partnership with Mobile World Live, has shown that 90% of operators plan to offer eSIMs by 2025, suggesting that they are working to rectify their previously sceptical stance in the market. Though they already have a lot to contend with—and time is of the essence. A recent survey by the GSMA shows 89% of operators believe eSIM-only smartphones will be prevalent before 2025 with many believing it is only just around the corner.

Those leading the eSIM boom are the ones who have adopted a new way of thinking—bringing openness, speed and efficiency to the forefront. Truphone, for example, has gone from a small mobile network start-up to number three in the market in under two years. How have we done it? By acknowledging that eSIM can only reach its true potential when it is backed by the masses, from OEMs to MNOs and everything in-between. This means opening up the floor and challenging the status quo.

Arming the Industry for the Future

For us, while it’s fantastic to be commended as one of the three top global players in the eSIM space, it’s equally important that we are rallying others to do the same—enabling device manufacturers, SIM vendors, network operators and a new breed of connectivity management players to bring eSIM to market. We aren’t interested in building silos or locking customers in. We champion creating new business models and interoperability with companies across the mobile ecosystem.

As 5G becomes a reality, our research with Mobile World Live has shown that 50% of the industry believes that eSIM technology will be vital for this new era of connectivity. Whether or not 5G itself will live up to the hype, the importance of more connected world is undeniable.

It’s reassuring to see that more and more people around the world can enjoy the benefits of eSIM in their devices and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of the eSIM revolution alongside our competitors and partners alike. We look forward to the continued rise of eSIM availability and adoption in 2021 and will continue to encourage the entire industry to join us in bringing it to life.