Truphone launches Truphone Io3 - a new solution to unlock the potential of IoT on any device

  • Truphone Io3 launches with a promise to unlock IoT through a simple, single integration of SIM, access to Truphone's unique global mobile network, and a suite of intelligence systems to manage products throughout their lifecycle.
  • Launch makes Truphone the only IoT player to offer SIM, connectivity, API integration and an application platform in-house.
  • Truphone's new IoT proposition launch follows on from last year's acquisition of IoT secure SIM specialist Cellnetrix.

Mobile technology disruptor and global service provider Truphone have announced the launch of their new IoT proposition Truphone Io3 on day one of Mobile World Congress 2018.

The solution brings together Truphone's market-leading SIM technology and unique global cellular network, alongside a suite of intelligence systems. Truphone Io3 offers MNOs, and chip and device manufactures complete, uninterrupted control of their supply chain. Truphone Io3 can be easily integrated via API to Amazon, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

The launch of Truphone Io3 means Truphone is the only IoT player to offer a single solution covering SIM stack, connectivity, API integration and an application platform based on in-house products.

For brands, Truphone Io3 promises faster time to market, increased incremental revenue and unparalleled customer insight, with suppliers finally able to connect their devices without losing the efficiencies around their manufacturing and distribution channels. For single SKU manufacturers, Truphone Io3 offers our SIM profile loaded with a global bootstrap that can be built in at the point of manufacture.

Crucially, Truphone Io3 offers a single, simple global solution for IoT by centrally bringing together technology that has traditionally only been available from multiple vendors. The result is a seamless integration and a single DNA for all key aspects of an IoT device.

Ralph Steffens, CEO, Truphone said: "Truphone has been pioneering the way people use their mobile devices for years. Now we are transforming the Internet of Things."

"Imagine taking a device with our secure embedded SIM, connecting that device to a mobile network anywhere in the world straight out of the box - as simply as Wi-Fi - with the additional benefit of actually understanding how the user interacts with the device."

"We make IoT so simple that companies can experiment and make their ideas a reality without having to become telecommunications experts or engage with multiple vendors to bring an IoT product to market."

"Apart from offering the complete stack in-house, Truphone Io3 is committed to an open marketplace, inviting players from right across the IoT ecosystem to offer their capabilities."

"Truphone Io3 has been designed to remove the barriers that impeded the growth in IoT to date. Our customers will have a unique ability to enrich their product proposition and deliver additional value to their customers way beyond what has previously been thought possible."

The launch of Truphone Io3 follows Truphone's 2017 acquisition of IoT SIM specialist Cellnetrix, following a new round of funding that saw Truphone raise an additional £255 million to retire its debt and invest in expanding connectivity beyond mobile phones and tablets.

Truphone's Io3 proposition is strengthened by the news that the Truphone IoT SIM's UICC accreditation process is nearing completion, making Truphone the only IoT solution provider with its own SIM stack.