Truphone brings new integrated SIM solution to life with Synopsys ARC Secure IP Subsystem

Complete integrated IoT SIM and management solution demonstrated by Truphone and Synopsys at Mobile World Congress

Integrated SIM simplifies the cost and complexity of enabling cellular IoT

Demonstration comes as Truphone launches Io3

Mobile technology disruptor and global service provider, Truphone, has unveiled a demonstration of their next generation integrated SIM solution with Synopsys' ARC® Secure IP Subsystem at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018.

Combined with the ARC Secure IP Subsystem, the Truphone embedded SIM software stack, global connectivity and remote SIM provisioning platform demonstrates the simplicity of securely enabling cellular connectivity for a wider range of IoT and consumer applications.
The demonstration comes as Truphone brings fresh disruption to the market with the launch of Truphone Io3 at MWC 2018.

Truphone Io3 is a new IoT solution that offers MNOs, and chip and device manufactures complete, uninterrupted control of their supply chain through a simple, single integration of SIM. Truphone Io3 offers unrivalled access to Truphone's unique global mobile network, and a suite of intelligence systems to manage products throughout their lifecycle.

Integrating cellular connectivity in a consumer or IoT device can be challenging and complex. Cost, size, power and security requirements have created significant barriers to enabling cellular connectivity. The partnership between Truphone and Synopsys demonstrates how these previous inhibitors can be overcome with an elegant, seamless solution.

Truphone and Synopsys are demonstrating how SIM functionality can be integrated into new SoC designs to leverage pre-verified hardware and software that provides a trusted solution that protects against malicious attacks. Combined with Truphone's global bootstrap connectivity and SIM provisioning platform it delivers a complete hardware, software and services solution to connect any device in any location.

"Increased integration of embedded security functionality in mobile and IoT devices requires a trusted hardware and software SoC environment," said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP at Synopsys. "Providing an integrated solution combining Synopsys' ARC Secure Subsystem with Truphone's embedded SIM stack enables developers to implement a highly secure, programmable root of trust that protects devices against complex threats in mobile and IoT targets."

Steve Alder, Chief Business Development Officer, Truphone said: "We believe simplicity is key to the future world of IoT. That is why we are launching Truphone Io3 - a platform which offers IoT connectivity, rock solid security and absolute simplicity. We are creating the future we want to see. This demonstration, in partnership with Synopsys, brings to life Io3's functionality for Mobile World Congress delegates."

Check out the demonstration at Mobile World Congress at the Truphone booth at 8.0F15