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Join the ranks of true innovators

Simple and secure IoT global connectivity at the touch of a button.

Truphone’s state-of-the-art eSIM technology for IoT lets you connect from the moment users switch the device on. No complicated activation process, no wordy manuals, just instant IoT connectivity from the touch of a button.

Future proof

Future proof

eSIM as standard to future proof devices.
Global network

Global network

Connect your IoT devices anywhere in the world.


Single core IoT network provides enterprise grade security.
Full control

Full control

Full management via IoT connectivity management platform.

Truphone For Things SIM

Not just a new SIM, an entirely new way to connect.

eSIM (also known as eUICC), is the next generation in SIM technology. It evolves the traditional SIM card from the ‘dumb chip’ locked to one network, to a smart, rewritable and network-agnostic module—which can either be embedded into the IoT device itself or written onto a plastic removable SIM card.


Out of the box connectivity

Instant IoT connectivity. Out of the box.

A key benefit of eSIM for IoT is its capacity to connect devices from the moment they are switched on. The fact that it can store multiple profiles on one chip allows IoT devices to ship with a profile containing a small amount of connectivity built in. We call this the Bootstrap profile.


Truphone’s Super Network

Global infrastructure born to be mobile.

Truphone built the world’s first global mobile IoT connectivity solution with infrastructure that is simple, seamless and ultimately secure. By combining our patented multi-IMSI and eSIM technology we aggregate our many network access agreements into a single core network and SIM. This creates a global footprint of the best carriers that can be remotely managed and updated over the air.
Global infrastructure
  • Comprehensive and robust coverage with multiple network operators servicing each region
  • Flexible network steering can be controlled both remotely and via rules on the SIM
  • Premium customer streaming experience with local, high-speed breakouts to reduce latency
  • Enhanced bottom line with both high and low-usage plans, close-to-local rates, and flexible billing options
  • Access to all network types on demand: 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE-M
  • Roaming rule changes can be made in a few hours to any customer in any country worldwide
  • New agreements added automatically to ensure availability of best rates and connectivity quality for IoT devices
  • Monitor, manage and troubleshoot in real-time your IoT connectivity service

Device and IoT connectivity management solution

Manage IoT connectivity for thousands of IoT devices at the touch of a button with our IoT Management platform.

Monitor and manage cellular IoT devices in real time, anywhere in the world, through a powerful, centralised web portal and API. Truphone's IoT Connectivity Management Platform has been built specifically to make IoT network deployment and ongoing device admin simpler, more flexible and more efficient.


Start Today. Connect Today

Online activation for you and your customers.

Truphone for Things makes activating devices easy. Select the most appropriate plan for your needs or direct your customers to us to activate their devices themselves.



REST-based API to manage your SIM card and devices.

Our secure API provides an easy way to integrate with the IoT connectivity management platform and automate operations that would otherwise be performed manually. Activating SIMs, managing rate plans or controlling devices can all be done through a single set of APIs.