Truphone delivers bespoke mobile plans for SHARE NOW

Truphone delivers bespoke mobile plans for SHARE NOW

"Choosing Truphone was a no brainer for us. The products, package deals, services and support were second to none—and we had done our research. With Truphone, we were able to see exactly how its service would impact our business and go on to roll it out across all our global locations quickly and without the typical legwork."

Erik Bak-Mikelsen, Head of Cloud Operations

"The technology was also a real bonus, as an app-based business, having access to the best devices and eSIM technology is a part of what makes our own business great. We deliberately wanted a player that was like us—relatively small in size but futuristic in thinking. Smaller companies like ours are often treated like just a number. We wanted someone who was on our level, understood our needs and provided the proper support. We found that in Truphone."

SHARE NOW Business Challenge

SHARE NOW is a leading car-sharing service that is changing the way consumers travel. Using an app-based service, SHARE NOW enables riders to car share without the hassle of buying or leasing a vehicle—its premium cars are on every street corner, ready to go.

Headquartered in Germany but with offices all around the globe, SHARE NOW had been feeling dissatisfied with its mobile service which, for the lack of a global offering, comprised a patchwork of domestic providers. But with multiple operators supplying only a portion of global business, SHARE NOW found it increasingly difficult to command the best value from any—particularly in the operating countries with comparatively small user bases. What’s more, turnaround times to fix issues were long and arduous, and procurement processes were lengthy and problematic.

The business had also been going through a major merger which meant the company now had the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate its communications environment. As an app-based company, SHARE NOW wanted a mobile operator that used similar cutting-edge technology – eSIM was becoming a dealbreaker – and forward-thinking, future-proof ideas.

In short, SHARE NOW needed a challenger that understood the needs of a nimble, global enterprise and one that would give it the tailored, personalised service it required.

That’s where Truphone came in.

Truphone solution

No stranger to meeting the needs of a global tech challenger, Truphone provided for SHARE NOW what it had previously been missing. From the initial conversation to onboarding and roll-out, Truphone’s service was easy to implement and seamless to use. What’s more, the turn-around time from that first conversation to the go-live was far quicker than what SHARE NOW had previously experienced. The company had initially been talking with a number of different operators in parallel, but decided that Truphone was the way to go.

With Truphone’s tailored, international enterprise solution, it was able to connect SHARE NOW’s 500-strong team to each other – wherever they are in the world – with both data and voice-calling capabilities. And as eSIM is Truphone’s speciality, it was able to roll out this future-proofing technology across the entire business using an eSIM QR code provisioning process—a fast and simple way to onboard eSIM remotely, which doesn’t interrupt ongoing business processes. This meant that SHARE NOW could use the very latest in smartphone technology (the company uses the iPhone X and XR models), doing away with the need for fiddly plastic SIM cards, the management of missing SIMs and complicated activation processes which were beginning to cost the business more than just its time. With QR code activation, it was just plug and play. What’s more the new service suited SHARE NOW’s employees well. The eSIM solution and the PIN-less configuration, together with a shared data volume made the end-user experience simple and easy to activate.

A key selling point of Truphone for SHARE NOW was the service. As a smaller company, it benefitted immensely from Truphone’s tailored, hands-on approach. At Truphone, we handle the operational side of things for all our customers under one contract worldwide, meaning we do away with the issue of managing multiple providers and the complex administration that comes with that. We also offer a support system that is tailored to each individual customer. So when SHARE NOW had an issue, it would be dealt with in the correct country language (depending on where the call was coming from), and already have a familiarity with the business and the mobile estate that many telco corporations simply can’t offer.

Why Truphone?

  • One dedicated support manager, one contract and one provider—all with 24/7 support in your local language
  • Provides cutting-edge eSIM technology for the latest devices on the market
  • Quick and efficient onboarding process, all managed securely by Truphone 
  • Second-to-none service that you won’t find from household-name providers 

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