Truphone connects MachineMax’s entire fleet in moments

Truphone connects MachineMax’s entire fleet in moments

"With the support of Truphone, we are confident we can continue our rapid global expansion whilst providing seamless global connectivity."

Amit Rai, CEO, MachineMax

London-based MachineMax was selected as one of the Top 50 ConTech Startups in 2019 by CEMEX Ventures and also won the ‘Smart Use of Machinery: Technology for Heavy Plant’ award at NCE TechFest.

The company produces sensors designed specifically for off-highway heavy equipment—tractors, dumper trucks, excavators, diggers of any brand and any model—and ships them globally. Its customers use the sensors to track their machines and receive efficiency, productivity and fuel-cost insights to help them maximise profitability and reduce emissions.

But while MachineMax could offer revolutionary wireless telematics to its customers, it didn’t have a way to simplify connectivity for their vehicle fleets.

That was, until it partnered with Truphone.

How eSIM has changed the MachineMax offer

Truphone’s commitment to eSIM (embedded SIM) technology has given MachineMax a huge competitive advantage, and its customers a simple solution for getting their off-highway vehicles connected.

By implementing Truphone’s state-of-the-art eSIM technology in its devices—and thanks to Truphone’s network which supports 2G, 3G, 4G and CAT-M1/LTE-M networks worldwide—MachineMax is now able to offer connectivity straight out of the box, wherever in the world the device is deployed.

What’s more, every eSIM profile in customers’ fleets can now be updated and connected remotely and at scale from the Truphone for Things platform. Users have the ability to deploy and manage connectivity for thousands of devices via a simple-yet-powerful interface, at their fingertips.

MachineMax’s connected-device offer provides the company’s customers with complete confidence that their fleet of devices can be tracked, 24/7, no matter the site size or manufacturer.

But it also provides MachineMax’s CEO, Amit Rai, with belief. “With the support of Truphone, we are confident we can continue our rapid global expansion whilst providing seamless global connectivity.”

A one-stop shop for IoT connectivity

Truphone for Things joins together previously fragmented elements of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for IoT connectivity.

The company’s global mobile network is leveraged to connect devices anywhere—via a range of low-and high-power networks—and full control is provided via an easy-to-use management platform.

So it’s little wonder new partnerships such as the one with MachineMax are forming continually as manufacturers seek to unlock the potential of the Internet of Things for their customers.

You can read more about Truphone for Things here.


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