Truphone’s service lets MSA scale at the touch of a button

Truphone’s service lets MSA scale at the touch of a button

"Working directly with Truphone’s engineers was critical to the success of this project. Without them it simply wouldn’t have worked."

Marc Weathers, Director of Information Technology at MSA

When dealing with threat detection technology, speed and reliability of communication is crucial. MSA needed a single vendor to align communication for its Light Safety product across 47 countries, through direct calls and an alternate messaging service. As a US-based company dealing primarily in Europe, fluid communication was proving to be a challenge. MSA required an overarching system that would allow large quantities of data to be transferred across the globe with speed and ease. 

MSA business challenge

A leader in high consequence threat detection, MSA’s advanced technology needs to be seamlessly connected to its global emergency operation centre in the event of a threat. Having developed its own Light Safety product – a product which works alongside x-ray technology to identify and alert teams when a potential risk is detected – it is essential that the business has a singular, integrated system for communicating. That’s where Truphone comes in. 

“Due to the nature of our work, we require connection stability. Working with Truphone has not only afforded us this reliability, it has allowed us to open up to new markets that weren’t accessible before.”

Truphone solution

It’s one thing to provide this technology to one business but selling to hundreds requires an airtight system—one that works from the get-go. Truphone’s state-of-the-art SIM technology lets you connect from the moment you switch it on. No complicated activation process, no wordy manual, just connectivity from the touch of a button.

“The onboarding process was a breeze. One of our clients made the decision to handle the process themselves, and it was literally plug-and-play. We needed something that would work straight out of the box, and we weren’t disappointed.”

The threat protection industry relies on security and the ability to deploy rapid action. Truphone’s SIM technology has allowed MSA to bypass lengthy admin processes and third-party networks that simply don’t support this fast-paced industry.

“The engineers at Truphone went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied. I manage an 8-million-dollar budget and deal with a lot of vendors—Truphone is one of the best out there. Their engineers supported us from the very beginning and are still only a phone call away when we need them.” 

Truphone benefits

  • One vendor: Truphone’s single-vendor system means that MSA’s technology is directly and seamlessly connected to its global emergency operation centre under one simple plan.
  • Cost effective: Price should not come at the expense of quality. Truphone’s bespoke pricing model is always flexible to suit individual journeys. 
    “We all want to save a couple of bucks where we can. I found Truphone’s pricing model to be very satisfying.”
  • Good news travels fast: At Truphone, we pride ourselves on delivering results that speak not only for themselves but to others too. The relationship between MSA and Truphone began through an impressed mutual connection who had been using a Truphone SIM on a personal device. As you can tell, network connections aren’t the only ones we champion.         

You can read more about Truphone for Things here.


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