Mobile reliability critical for NATS

Mobile reliability critical for NATS

"We chose Truphone because they met our demanding business requirements and listened to our needs."

Chris Leeds, Information Solutions Manager, NATS

Ensuring the safety of over 6000 flights per day in the UK alone, leaves no room for error. For NATS, the world's leading provider of air traffic control services, reliability is everything. "We expect the highest quality of performance from all of our suppliers," says Chris Leeds, Information Solutions Manager at NATS. That's why NATS chose Truphone as it expands into new international markets.

'As reliable as using a local phone'

Formerly National Air Traffic Services, UK-based NATS now competes for new contracts in the EU, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. In order to do so effectively, it needed a reliable and cost-effective global mobile service for its sales staff based in the US, UK and on the road (and in the air), meeting new customers around the world.

"Considering the amount of travel our sales staff do – and all the different countries we're in or would like to increase our presence in," says Chris. "We needed a solution that did away with roaming costs, and that was as reliable as using a local phone."

Truphone's mobile service offers local rates in 66 countries – and in key countries for NATS, including Hong Kong, Australia and the United States, Truphone customers can add local numbers to their SIM cards, so that their contacts can reach them with a local call.

Switching 'simple and efficient'

The process of switching to Truphone, according to Chris, was "very simple and efficient", with Truphone SIMs being quickly distributed to NATS teams. All the while, NATS are supported by Truphone's 24/7 global customer support team.

"One time," says Chris. "We needed a SIM sent out to India, which arrived faster than our user could even get there."

The ability to have a UK and multiple international numbers on the same Truphone SIM means NATS is able to maintain a local presence in several countries. It means communication between a range of customers is easy, and NATS' international sales force is also kept connected.

Low-cost solution

"Substantial savings, of nearly 70% per month on mobile roaming costs makes a big impact on the way NATS team members communicate with each other," says Chris.

Compared to their previous network provider, this is the equivalent of £268 per device each month for NATS' US-based staff.

"Saving money is always sensible," says Chris. "But having a mobile phone operator that responds to our needs and makes it easier to do business abroad is a real asset."

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