Truphone keeps Gassan Diamonds connected anywhere in the world

Truphone keeps Gassan Diamonds connected anywhere in the world

"With Truphone’s service, I can work all around the globe and it feels as though I’m in my own home."

David Bijlsma, CCO, Gassan Diamonds

Gassan Diamonds is an Amsterdam-based diamond dealer with stores located all around the world. The business was founded by Samuel Gassan in November 1945—straight after the Second World War. Today, Gassan Diamonds welcomes approximately 400,000 people to its diamond factory every year

Diamonds have a global appeal. Each stone is unique, so Gassan Diamonds employees need to travel around the world all year long to keep on top of emerging trends and to source the best products.

The company’s clientele is equally international. A local Amsterdam client might be inspired by a piece they see when travelling in Los Angeles and send a photo. Gassan Diamonds will work on the product immediately so it’s ready for collection when the customer returns home. This level of efficiency is crucial for the business to stay ahead.

That’s where Truphone comes in.

Truphone’s seamless global mobile plan has allowed Gassan Diamonds to reduce its annual connectivity costs by 25%. Employees are able to work anywhere in the world in the same they would if they were at home.

Team members travelling to the other side of the world can immediately start working on emails and responding to clients from the moment they step off the plane. No waiting to reach the hotel, no frustratingly slow Wi-Fi connections—just on-the-go connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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