TruUnlimited Terms and Conditions

Truphone is introducing the TruUnlimited plan on a trial basis and reserves the right to amend or withdraw the TruUnlimited plan at any time at its sole discretion. The TruUnlimited plan does not require customers to enter into a contract; it can be cancelled at any time. The TruUnlimited plan is for individual consumer use only and is not to be shared by any other users. The TruUnlimited plan is subject to a Fair Use policy (see below) and all calls are subject to a maximum call length of 60 minutes and a total monthly usage of 3000 minutes.


Terms of the TruUnlimited Plan

The TruUnlimited plan gives you free calls to a selection of countries as detailed in the tariff pages of the Truphone website and is subject to the TruUnlimited Fair Use Policy. These countries may change without prior notice. These terms should be read in conjunction with Truphone's Standard Terms of Service which also apply to this Plan.

Fair Use Policy for TruUnlimited Plan: Maximum call length 60 minutes. Total monthly usage of 3000 minutes.

SMS to all countries are not included in the TruUnlimited tariffs and will be charged at the TruStandard rates.

TruUnlimited is only available to customers who use the Auto Top Up function. When signing up for TruUnlimited your account will be debited with the bundle cost each month. If this takes you below your Auto Top Up threshold an automatic top-up on your account will be triggered.

The TruUnlimited plan costs £7.99 / $10, and the minimum auto top up is £2/$2. When your account balance drops below the Lower Balance Limit (defined by you at set up) your chosen top up amount is taken from your payment card and applied to your account. See the Auto Top Up section of the payment pages for more details of Auto Top Up.

If you want to change your tariff you should do so in the My Tariff section.

No refunds for the cost of the TruUnlimited package will be available in whole or in part.

You can cancel the TruUnlimited plan via the tariff selector on the Top Up page. Cancelling your Auto Top Up will immediately return your account to the Tru Standard tariff.

Please note, the itemised prices within the TruUnlimited plan may change and Truphone reserves the right to amend individual prices in this tariff without prior notice. You must visit the tariff pages of the website regularly to check the current prices.

Truphone reserves the right to amend or withdraw the TruUnlimited plan at any time at our sole discretion. In this instance Truphone may, at its discretion, either: permit you to continue to use your TruUnlimited plan until the end of the subscription month in which it is withdrawn or; may refund you the purchase price of the TruUnlimited plan.


TruUnlimited Fair Use policy

TruUnlimited is a consumer plan to be used from your mobile device for private, personal and non-commercial purposes. Truphone defines fair, consumer usage as a reasonable mix of mobile and landline calls; the majority of calls being made outside of normal office hours; call length not to last longer than 60 minutes and the amount of calls made not to exceed a reasonable amount per day.

If for any reason Truphone reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with this policy, Truphone reserves the right to impose further charges, or transfer you to a tariff which does not include unlimited calls, or disconnect your account.