Truphone appoints RoamingExpert as its Global Channel Partner

Partnership provides international mobile network solutions to global businesses

Truphone, the first global mobile network without country borders, today announces a new global partnership with RoamingExpert, an international roaming specialist providing a complete telecom solution for businesses based across the globe. The partnership allows RoamingExpert to operate in multiple countries and expand its global footprint.

RoamingExpert specialise in reducing mobile roaming charges, balancing a business' need for its employees to stay connected while travelling with the costs involved. The new partnership between RoamingExpert and Truphone provides clients with access to the Truphone World network and its connected coverage in over 200 countries.

RoamingExpert selected Truphone as a partner due to the mobile network provider's high quality and cost effective global reach being best placed to service their growing international client base. The ability to have multiple numbers on a single sim is perfect for RoamingExpert's customers, giving them the freedom to keep their own mobile number alongside local numbers in other Truphone countries.

Together, Truphone and RoamingExpert are able to align customer expectations, and budgets with an unparalleled global mobile communications solution in a complete service offering.

Mark Pattman, Managing Director, RoamingExpert said: "Our partnership with Truphone is exciting news as it has expanded our range of mobile tariffs, allowing us to provide a truly global mobile solution. RoamingExpert are now in the position to work with businesses based outside the UK offering multi country solutions. We already look after the mobile contracts for the UK branches of some large international companies, now with our partnership in place we can quote for an international company as a whole. As our partnership with Truphone grows RoamingExpert will look at expanding our mobile service into new sectors, as the need for affordable roaming solutions is a big issue for many companies worldwide."

Ian Cairns, Head of Indirect at Truphone said: "The partnership with RoamingExpert is a significant win for Truphone as it's a truly global partnership. RoamingExpert brings their undoubted expertise to their end clients and will be selling in the UK, Spain, USA, Germany and Holland initially, with Hong Kong, Australia and Poland to follow. It is also a great example of the wide-reaching appeal of our capabilities, as more businesses of all types and sizes are requiring international mobile service provision at lower costs. We are excited to be partnering with RoamingExpert and look forward to providing excellent mobile and data coverage, as well as our service to their customers.


About Truphone

Truphone is the first mobile operator in the world without country borders. This brings people closer to their international contacts, makes them more productive, and gives them the international quality of service they deserve.

One of the ways that Truphone achieves this is by providing people with multiple international mobile numbers on a patented single SIM card, so international contacts can always reach them by making high quality local calls, at a local rate.

Thousands of customers including seven of the world's largest banks enjoy Truphone's innovative, tailored services. Truphone World plans offer extensive, in-bundle packages of minutes, text and data across 66 countries, as well as connected coverage in over 200 countries.

Truphone's unique GSM network enables it to provide 24/7 multi-language support, and proactive monitoring of network performance, to deliver a seamless and consistent international mobile experience.

Headquartered in London, Truphone has 10 offices across four continents and continues to expand globally. Clients include FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors.

About RoamingExpert

RoamingExpert has over 15 years' experience in the telecoms industry and is an independent, unique business formed to tackle the problem of high mobile roaming costs for businesses. RoamingExpert customers benefit from having all their mobile requirements handled by one provider with access to multiple networks and solutions, flexible billing and access to an online portal for account management.

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