Unified global network architecture

Truphone is the only global mobile network with a centralised services model. We partner with the best mobile networks in each country - and if a service fails to meet our standards, we switch to a new one.

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eSIM technology

Experience remote SIM provisioning for faster management and connectivity procurement. We provide a full-stack connectivity ecosystem including eSIM operating system, portable to any type of chip-set. A fully managed network with high-quality global coverage that can be customised with a fully functional connectivity profile bootstrap.

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End to end connectivity

Our end to end solution can help you improve your user's experience of connectivity acquisition and management. We can partner right from device/ chip manufacturing through to supporting the end customer.

We connect device manufacturers, OEMs and subscribers.

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Innovation is in our DNA

We are the world leaders in enabling people and things to stay connected globally. As pioneers in global mobile innovation, Truphone has patents for multiple identity technologies for SIMs in every G8 country.

Truphone has received GSMA accreditation for its eSIM subscription management solution that can be embedded at the point of manufacture in any IoT or consumer device. We partner with OEM's, MNO's and Chip manufacturers to deliver a secure cellular product and service experience which is as simple as WIFI.

GSMA accreditation?

More recently, patents in mobile call recording have been granted in Australia, the USA, and Japan. These inventions and others in network architecture and network testing are still pending in numerous countries. Worldwide, Truphone currently has 112 granted patents and 104 patents pending.

How eSIM works