Truphone manufactures the perfect plan for Western Pegasus

Truphone manufactures the perfect plan for Western Pegasus

"Businesses of my size are often forgotten about by big companies. We don’t have huge IT departments and Truphone is like having a personal IT department. We take ourselves seriously and it’s nice to be treated seriously by Truphone."

Andy Wincel, President, Western Pegasus

Western Pegasus is headquartered in Holland, MI, in the US with three manufacturing plants in the UK. Western Pegasus is a full service supplier of customized spline gauges, master gears, and spline related inspection gauging. Gauges are designed and built to customer part specifications in accordance with the required national, international and corporate requirements. They supply gauges globally to leaders in the automotive, aerospace, agricultural and marine industries.

Business challenge

Andy Wincel, president of Western Pegasus used to have 2 different phones, one for the US and one for the UK. This became a problem for him because important contacts never knew which number to reach him on. When he was in the US, his UK phone was turned off, and when he was in the UK, his US phone was turned off. He suspected that he could be losing business by not being available to important contacts. It was frustrating to not know just how much business he was losing. He found communicating when travelling to be a challenge and terribly inconvenient for his business.

The Truphone solution

Andy saw a Truphone advertisement in an airline publication and was intrigued by our unique offer. He initially contacted Truphone and signed up as a single user. Truphone offered Andy what no other mobile provider could – convenience, multiple international numbers on a single SIM and the ease of giving his contacts one local number to reach him. Soon after his positive experience, he added additional employees to the Truphone account. Many of Andy's customers are in the German automotive sector. Soon, each employee will have new German numbers added, increasing the team's productivity and customer service capabilities.

Bringing contacts closer

With a US number and a UK number on one phone, Western Pegasus was able to give their customers, employees and suppliers one local phone number to reach them on. And the best part was that they didn't have to do anything differently or change their behavior.

Increases productivity

Truphone makes international business more convenient. Since the phones are always on, users can conduct business as usual whether at home in the US or abroad in the UK. This "mobile ease of access" has improved accessibility, and in turn the ability to be productive because you can always be connected.

Great service

The customer has not had any issues with the Truphone service, and feels like they have their own "personal IT department" because of the unique value that Truphone provides them. Truphone treats them seriously and values their business.

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