Truphone launches free eSIM offering and calls for the abolishment of sim cards forever

Truphone bundles eSIM software and global connectivity to chipset manufacturers to ensure all devices connected out of the box – no SIM required

Truphone launches free eSIM offering and calls for the abolishment of sim cards forever

Global leader in eSIM software Truphone announced today a revolutionary new step for the acceleration of eSIM. It’s Freedom for Free offering provides its eSIM technology free to chip manufacturers and device makers, encouraging faster take up of embedded or integrated SIM with platform integration at no cost until the point of activation.

This eliminates one of the biggest barriers to eSIM adoption removing the additional cost of traditional SIMs. By providing it to chip manufacturers it ensures that connected devices using these chipsets will have eSIM technology as standard and be able to enjoy the benefits of keeping costs low while offering customers freedom of choice.

With 4.6 billion plastic SIM cards produced globally in 2020, Truphone’s end-to-end solution will accelerate the industry’s move to a SIM-free world and contribute to the reduction in plastic waste. This will not only help both operators and consumers lower carbon emissions, but it will aid in alleviating existing supply chain issues.

The move reinforces Truphone’s commitment to the eSIM revolution and delivers on its ambition to connect billions of devices around the world. Following two years of unprecedented demand for better connectivity and increased pressure on the environment and worldwide chip supply, this solution delivers against the inherent need to move away from legacy SIM technology.

While every Apple product with cellular capability already includes eSIM by default, the perceived cost and complexity of eSIM adoption has held many device makers back from launching at scale, causing most mobile operators around the world to continue to order more SIM cards than ever before. But that all changes today.

Truphone is committed to making a SIM-free world a reality for everyone and its technology is already making eSIM available for industry heavy-hitters such as Apple, Sony Altair, BT/EE and KPN, as well as electronics giants Murata, a world leader in electronic components and communication modules.

Now any device maker, whether large or small, can source a GSMA-certified eSIM operating system and provisioning platform to integrate eSIM technology in any type of consumer or IoT device and eliminate the need for physical SIM cards…forever.

Thanks to the power of remote SIM provisioning, with Truphone, devices will be able to seamlessly reconfigure themselves to connect to the customer’s choice of mobile operator instantly.

Truphone is the only provider in the world that develops and operates its own GSMA-compliant eUICC operating system, remote SIM provisioning and global mobile network. A single solution encompasses all the software and management platforms you need to get eSIM-enabled products to market.

Michael Moorfield, at Truphone said: “Having built a complete eSIM ecosystem from the ground up, Truphone is able to demolish the traditional barriers to achieving a SIM-free world. Our vision is to remove barriers and provide access to our software that will enable global players and innovative start-ups to embrace eSIM in all of their products.”

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About the Truphone eSIM

Truphone’s eUICC operating system implements GSMA specifications and is compatible with any GSMA-compliant remote SIM provisioning platform, including but not limited to Truphone's own GSMA-accredited remote SIM provisioning platform. This means that the eSIM can securely provision and store multiple operator profiles in a single secure element for both consumer and M2M devices.

Truphone eUICC supports the interfaces to provide remote provisioning and is aligned to the latest 3GPP, JavaCard, SIMAlliance, ETSI and GSMA specifications.

About the Truphone Network

Truphone's global network solution simplifies how devices connect to mobile networks. Its comprehensive, robust coverage connects to multiple network operators in every region and provides access to all network types on demand. Whether a device uses the connectivity for 10 seconds or 10 years, enabling default connectivity for a mobile device unlocks endless possibilities for how customers activate and manage their connected devices across the world.

About Truphone

We’re on a mission to connect the world seamlessly.

That’s why we aim to enable more connections than anyone else and why we’ve been pioneering the eSIM revolution from the very beginning.

From international enterprises and consumers to IOT device makers and Telecommunications operators, our global network and connectivity solutions enable people, devices and networks to connect anywhere, instantly, with one platform to connect billions.

Headquartered in the UK and with offices across four continents, we’ve invested over £550 million in building our unique proposition and becoming one of the world's leading innovators in eSIM, cloud and digital solutions.

As a result, we’ve become a leading technology company and eSIM trailblazer that’s trusted by thousands of international businesses across hundreds of countries, including global brands, powerhouse network providers and leading banks and financial institutions.

One truly global network. One global supplier. One complete solution that revolutionises the world of connectivity and connects people, devices and networks seamlessly all around the world.

Because we believe that the better the world communicates, the better the world.

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