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SGO Music

"A lot of the other companies offering international mobile services are cheap options aimed at the infrequent tourist traveller – not the sort you’d trust with your business. Truphone stood out as a quality player with brilliant technology. I love the concept and the fact that it’s still evolving. It’s removed one of my major stresses while travelling and at least halved my international mobile costs."

Stuart Ongley, Owner, SGO Music

Over the past 25 years SGO Music has carved a name for itself in the music business under the direction of Stuart Ongley. Their business nurtures artists' careers internationally by building relationships with music publishers, record labels and booking agents all over the world.

About SGO Music

SGO Music is a multi-award winning music publishing and management business achieving the accolade of publisher of the year and Ivor Novello awards. They work across various aspects of the music industry, from managing artists to representing the estates of world renowned musicians. To make the business a success internationally, relationships with clients and partners are key. They have to be prepared to travel at a moment's notice to interact on a personal level.

SGO Music's business challenge

Stuart Ongley, Founder of SGO Music, explained that he travels to the United States 4 or 5 times a year for long periods of time. He needed a local US number to give to contacts in America who were put off calling him by the cost of international calls. Stuart bought a US SIM but it was expensive to maintain two mobile accounts. As well as this, Stuart restricted the way he used his UK phone abroad to avoid being caught out by excessive roaming charges. He would turn off voice mail, switch numbers and contact his mobile network to tell them he would be roaming in America.

The Truphone solution

Truphone have changed the way SGO Music use their phones abroad. They now have a UK and a US mobile number on one phone. Business contacts in the US see a US mobile number calling wherever the call is being made from and this gives the company the ability to reinforce their position as a truly global organisation. Now they have just one phone with two numbers which are always active and connected by one voice mail. There is no need to keep two phones charged or worry about missing calls. SGO Music are now able to focus on the strategic relationships that make them a successful international company without worrying about the costs and hassles associated with maintaining global relationships.

Local presence abroad

Having a US and UK number on one phone meant that Stuart Ongley didn't have to manage two mobile accounts or switch phones when landing in either country. International business relationships have been enhanced by increased communication with US contacts who are able to call a mobile phone number that is local to them.


Truphone appealed to Stuart Ongley due to his keen interest in technology. He also appreciated how Truphone reduced the charges and complexities associated with using a mobile phone abroad on business.

Cost savings

Truphone have halved the costs of SGO Music's phone bills when travelling abroad. Truphone has removed the fear of bill shock and given them the freedom to use their phones abroad as they would at home.

Reducing the stress of business travel

SGO Music previously found using a mobile phone abroad to be a pain associated with business travel. Switching to Truphone has freed them from that stress and now they don't need to worry about staying in touch with business contacts abroad, which is crucial for a successful international business.

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