Truphone helps Room Mate to solve the challenge of global communications

Truphone helps Room Mate to solve the challenge of global communications

"With Truphone, the overall improvement in our business has been exponential. Having all our staff’s mobile plans in one place, as well as excellent after-sales service, has been fantastic. We don't have to worry about our connectivity—we can simply focus on the business."

Alberto Corredera, Director IT, Room Mate

Room Mate is more than an international hotel chain. With 25 unique boutique hotels spread all over the world, from Madrid to Miami Beach to Istanbul, it is one of the most global and innovative companies in the industry. Room Mate’s philosophy is generating unique experiences wherever they are.

The challenge of global communications

El reto de las comunicaciones globalesRoom Mate needed a consistently seamless and reliable mobile phone service—one that allowed the company to make voice calls use data in all its operational countries. It needed predictable prices and a service which consistently adapted to its needs.

This is where Truphone came in. Kike Sarasola, CEO and founder of Room Mate, was the first to test Truphone's service. Kike is a perfect example of a high-demand customer who is constantly travelling—making him perfect for the Truphone network. With Truphone, Kike can have multiple phone numbers in different countries, calls to other Truphone users are free and, above all, the quality of global calling is seamless.

The Truphone solution

A globally operating company like Room Mate simply doesn’t have the time to worry about patchy connectivity and poor management of its mobile estate. Truphone’s service makes it easy for the company to keep in touch with its international contacts, whether it’s customers, suppliers or employees.

“As the IT director, what I value the most is having the same service in 110 countries and not having to be managing services myself on a day-to-day basis. With Truphone, we can dedicate our time to issues that bring more value to the company.”

Not having to worry about the costs of calls or data use – no matter where they are in the world – along with predictable prices, means Room Mate can maintain an excellent relationship with its own customers and suppliers.

La solución Truphone

“I always remember a renovation we did at our hotel in New York, where I had both Spanish and local suppliers. From the hotel, I was able to hold conferences with both parties, creating synergies, and drastically reducing execution times. And this isn’t even taking into account how much we’ve saved on our estimated budgets.”

Why Truphone 

A global business needs a global operator."

  • Reliable service 
    Truphone facilitates simplicity and ease of use in the service. With us, you’re also investing in peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you are covered anywhere you decide to do business. 
    Truphone’s Account Managers have always met our needs and expectations, accessible at any time, and going beyond the status-quo for service."
  • Uncompromising quality
    We deliver reliable and secure connectivity, without relying on third parties. No glitches, no blind-spots—just a service you can trust.
  • Tailored solutions and prices
    Truphone’s rates are set to measure and can flex to suit the needs of a company. With predictable prices, there are no last-minute surprises on mobile bills.
  • Increased productivity
    “At Room Mate, overall productivity has risen since we started using Truphone. Since we no longer have to worry about what country our employees operate in, our business isn’t held back by our global nature."

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