MESH Experience halts high global mobile tariffs

MESH Experience halts high global mobile tariffs

"Truphone gives our staff greater peace of mind and feeling of connection."

Fiona Blades, CEO, MESH

With lots of customer interest and thriving locations in New York, London and São Paolo, MESH Experience was on something of a roll. As its President and CEO, Fiona Blades explains, the global firm had just been named 'Most Innovative Research Agency' by Acquisition International Magazine and was in the process of adding new offices in other parts of the world, including Singapore. However, one persistent problem was seriously threatening the bottom line.

Missed opportunities

"We had mobile service from two top wireless operators, in the US and UK, yet, we were experiencing lots of service problems in the UK. People would call, but mobile devices wouldn't ring. Calls were being dropped and callers were unable to leave voicemails," Fiona says. "In one case involving international travel, we received a $4,000 phone bill - for a single user - because of a combination of these factors."

For a company that relies on mobile technology for researching, analysing and reporting on consumers' attitudes toward their experiential interactions with brands, this was a critical issue. But addressing it wasn't as straightforward as it should have been. "With our former carrier in the UK, no one cared about my problems or tried to solve them," Fiona says. "If I lost a customer, or if clients told me they couldn't reach me, it was very frustrating."

Built for global businesses

A reliable and cost effective global mobile service was paramount to MESH being able to serve its client base, so Fiona decided to try something different. She had heard that Truphone, the first mobile network built for global businesses like MESH, eliminates the need for different phones and different international plans by allowing users to have a single mobile device with multiple international numbers on a single SIM card. The Truphone proposition was for a global network that delivers high-quality, highly affordable mobile voice, text and data services with plans that can be used in 66-countries. That all sounded interesting, but Fiona was in for a surprise when MESH switched over to Truphone.

"What I didn't expect, but what I was delighted about, was Truphone's customer service and attention to detail," she says. "Change usually results in some problems, but I developed a relationship with Truphone and I knew who I was speaking with. This personal level of care impressed me, especially after our experiences with our previous providers. It wasn't just a conversation - it was a relationship. Truphone customer service is like a concierge service."

Complete success

With multiple international numbers on a single SIM and a single phone, MESH executives now have a local presence in a number of countries, lowering their international communication costs and making it easier to stay connected. "With Truphone, we don't have to add international numbers and features. They're all there on the mobile equipped with a Truphone SIM," says MESH Experience Director Catherine Moger Rickwood.

Fiona and Catherine are in complete agreement that the move to Truphone has been a complete success. MESH executives have reported using their phones more often, making more calls and staying more productive. "Truphone gives our staff greater peace of mind and feeling of connection," Fiona says, "no matter if they are making calls in the US or the UK."

  • Increased: Productivity
  • 49%: Average Savings
  • 24/7: Global Support

For more information on Truphone and how we can assist the logistics industry, head over to our business mobile phone plans.

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