Enabling business continuity while remote working in 2020

Enabling business continuity while remote working in 2020

As the global Covid-19 situation rumbles on with no clear end in sight, businesses across the globe are adapting to new ways of working that will likely remain long after controls on our safety have been lifted.

While we’re all still trying to find our feet, working remotely from kitchens, living rooms and – for some – foreign countries, the outward expectations we have for brands and businesses remain exceptionally high. And, perhaps now more than ever, we are requiring companies to raise the bar to meet exceptional requirements during these exceptional times—and to do it rapidly.

In short, businesses aren’t getting cut much slack, and it remains up to us to successfully navigate this new path.

Reliable remote working? Don’t rely on any one technology

It goes without saying that keeping in touch with both colleagues and customers is the bread and butter of successful remote working. Real-time reporting, especially when many businesses are having to cut back on spend, is essential, and communication should be seamless.

While the pressure is on to maintain business-as-usual, it’s easier said than done. A surge in remote working has pushed many methods of communication to the limits, with global glitches and privacy hacks having made headlines for the likes of Microsoft Teams and popular virtual meeting newcomer Zoom.

What’s more, for those who suddenly find themselves having to share WiFi across multiple users, or working in more remote areas than they are used to, lack of internet connection can also cause major disruptions to business continuity.  

It makes good business sense in times like these to have other options to fall back on as technology treads new territory.

At Truphone, we launched a brand-new European business mobile plan which gives users 100GB of data for €200 for 60 days, offering a cheaper alternative to household name providers for anyone whose WiFi connection is struggling from new, overpopulated or potentially problematic locations. It’s something that we rely on as a business ourselves in order to keep our network both alive and aligned.  

Flexible plans for the future

These are unpresidented times, and as such opting for a flexible provider can be a driving force in the ability to maintain business as usual in the current climate. Ridged tariffs can rack up high costs and, while we’re all still getting used to remote working, a little leeway can equal a big relief.

With Truphone’s enterprise mobile plans, we offer flexible/zero term plans which let us deploy mobile services to you for unknown periods—after all, no one knows how long this is going to last, but we’re here for the duration. Our plans come with fixed costs, so you never rack up a hefty bill. We can also deploy enterprise-grade mobile connectivity to you with rapid response times, helping you keep things running—even remotely.  

Keeping your personal touch

One thing that we inevitably lose when working remotely is the feeling of closeness, of personability. It can be extremely hard to bring that personal touch to your working relationships when face-to-face is off the cards—but there are smaller, simpler ways to bridge the gap.

It can be a simple as having multi-number SIMs, enabling users to call and work across locations while still retaining that local presence. It can be the ability to continue to provide 24/7/365 support for customers who need it. And it can be ensuring that any calls they make are charged at local rates—particularly when so many people have been displaced due to travel restrictions.

For us, this is all a part of what we do to keep up the high expectations of our service-led network.

Wondering how you can maintain business continuity in these challenging times? We’re here to help.

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