Airinmar takes flight with Truphone

Airinmar takes flight with Truphone

"Truphone is a global communication system which is truly unified and it is saving us over and above what any other company could."

David Clarke, Management Information Services Manager

International aircraft repair company Airinmar has been providing services to the world's largest airlines for over 25 years. It competes in a marketplace that operates across time zones and borders. "It's critical that our employees are available at all times," says the Management Information Services Manager at Airinmar. "Especially as we expand into new international markets."

Keeping costs grounded

However, like many global companies, Airinmar struggled to keep mobile communication costs down. Its sales team frequently travelled abroad and its data bills were sky-high.

Airinmar also suffered from coverage issues. CEO, Tom Wilson says: "We would land in Singapore and have to search for a network, connect with the local provider... sometimes we would only be able to text or use the Internet."

This combination of high cost and low performance set Airinmar on a journey to find a mobile provider that could support its global nature.

Lower, predictable bills

Truphone's unique mobile network, which provides multiple international numbers on single SIM, appealed to Airinmar – and now helps it keep in contact with customers all over the world.

"Now we can actually say to our customers 'Look, we can even save you money when you contact us'. If they ring a member of our staff out of hours, or when they're travelling, it's still a local call."

Airinmar benefits from costs-savings itself: Truphone's shared global bundles mark the end of traditional roaming for the company, and give Airinmar lower and more predictable monthly bills, which have halved since switching to Truphone. And, because Airinmar staff now benefit from global coverage, they no longer need multiple devices or SIMs.

First class service

Truphone's global mobile network, which spans over 200 countries, means Airinmar can now rely on global coverage with a consistent user experience when roaming abroad, increasing its connectivity and availability.

Both companies are constantly improving their levels of service. With Truphone, Airinmar can rely on 24/7 global support. This means that, no matter where they are or when they have a problem, Truphone can help. Airinmar staff always have a direct line to a dedicated Service Delivery Manager and dedicated Account Manager.

As Airinmar's international operations continue to grow, Truphone ensures that its increased communication costs remain predictable and affordable, supported by first class customer service, so its plans to expand can take flight.

  • Mobile Bills:  Halved
  • Dedicated Service:  Delivery Manager
  • 24/7:  Global Support

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