Truphone’s flexible plans are a vehicle for success for SEG Automotive

Truphone’s flexible plans are a vehicle for success for SEG Automotive

“Our employees are “difference makers” in our industry that work together globally – and obviously that also includes a lot of travel between our regions and to our customers. Before, our roaming costs were unpredictable and quite high because of this. Now, with Truphone, we have a bespoke solution based on our pooled plans, which ensure our costs are not only reduced, but in a single, predictable monthly invoice. We’re no longer paying a price for our global nature.”

Thomas Flesch, Global Leadbuyer IT, Telecommunication and Services

SEG Automotive Business Challenge

SEG Automotive has been designing, producing and delivering state-of-the-art solutions (such as generators, starter motors and components for electrification) for the automotive sector for over 100 years. As the proud inventors of Start/Stop vehicle technology and pioneers of mild hybridization, SEG makes present day combustion engines considerably more efficient and climate-friendly.

Inspired by their passion for innovation, SEG Automotive is constantly working to extend its technological leadership in e-mobility and develop competitive products for the future of transportation. Today, the company is pursuing a clear goal: to significantly reduce global CO2 emissions with its solutions.

As an intrinsically global business with over 7,000 employees in 14 countries in the world's most important automotive markets, SEG Automotive’s product portfolio covers the diverse worldwide requirements of its customers and goes on to supply these to all corners of the globe. As such, its employees are expected to travel and work all over the world, all the while keeping in contact with their global colleagues and with its HQ in Germany.

SEG Automotive’s original business mobile plan was a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach with very little room for flexibility. Not exactly an ideal solution – both in terms of cost and time effort – in such a global business.

That’s where Truphone came in.

The Truphone Solution

By implementing a bespoke Truphone enterprise mobile plan, which was built around the current and predicted future usage of its employees, SEG Automotive was able to pool all its global mobile costs together into a single monthly bill. With this feature, employees can use voice and data out of this shared pool, allowing for more fluctuations in usage. The resulting bill is entirely predictable while still allowing for flexibility depending on usage. So, if one month is going to be busier than normal when it comes to global travel and roaming needs, SEG Automotive’s Truphone plan can add or remove voice and data allowances immediately when needed, without implementing huge over-the-top roaming charges. The result? Cost savings across its entire mobile estate, especially in such a unique situation as the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s more, through Truphone’s online portal, users can receive usage alerts when they are nearing their limits, resulting in complete control over usage costs and hassle-free predictable bills.

With Truphone, SEG Automotive no longer has to waste time managing its own mobile estate, which can be particularly laborious when dealing with multiple contracts and roaming costs across the world. All this is taken care of by Truphone’s dedicated team, who are available 24/7/365 all over the world.

Making the switch to Truphone has also been seamless. While the business is currently using Truphone for only 30% of its employees, it plans to switch over entirely by January 2021.

Why Truphone?

•    A bespoke plan, tailored for your business
•    Predictable costs that give you complete control
•    One single contract, one invoice, 24/7 global support

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