Truphone takes asset management to the next level for Adapt Ideations’ Vaccine Tracking Solutions

Truphone takes asset management to the next level for Adapt Ideations’ Vaccine Tracking Solutions

“Truphone has provided us with unmatched global connectivity through their offering. Utilising Truphone’s solution and consistent support enables us to effectively meet the needs of our clients in return. Having Truphone as our supplier ensures that our solutions can be globally deployed and the entire supply chain ecosystem can become connected.”

Anirban Gupta, Co-founder & Director of Adapt Ideations

Adapt Ideations is a leading innovator of advanced asset tracking and monitoring solutions that enables asset intelligence for their clients. Whilst their asset tracking and monitoring solutions can be used across many different industries, they specifically cater to the “cold chain” sector such as the biopharma space, meeting industry specific certifications.

Near Real-Time Vaccine Tracking

Adapt Ideations’ solutions has enabled near real-time vaccine tracking throughout the APAC region. The data collected gives their clients greater visibility of assets, simplifies compliance measures in place and reduces waste and damage of vaccines, which in turn contributes to everyday asset management functions and sustainability efforts. Their clients use the solution to ensure that every vaccine tracked meets strict compliance measures in place, thereby ensuring that non-compliant vaccines do not reach consumers.

In today’s unprecedented environment and in the midst of a global pandemic, speed, accuracy, security and scale are more important than ever to ensure that vaccines get directly to where they’re most urgently needed. Thanks to the data they collect, Adapt Ideations’ IoT-enabled solutions help their clients to solve some of the most complex problems experienced throughout the supply chain – problems such as tampering, theft, and violations of set parameters which can be detected by monitoring location, temperature, light and shock exposure.

Seamless IoT Connectivity

The tracking of millions of doses of vaccines poses significant communication challenges, with secure reliable mobile connectivity becoming a vital concern to relay back critical data and information on the status of the vaccines. Given the benefits of Truphone’s truly resilient global network and its eSIM and IoT connectivity solutions, Adapt Ideations were able to help their clients to reliably monitor vital metrics on the conditions of assets such as temperature and location and solve some of the most difficult supply chain challenges with ease.

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