Truphone partners with Swiss Railways (SBB) to offer passengers affordable mobile connectivity using eSIM

Truphone today announces a new partnership for its revolutionary cPaaS (communication platform as a service) solution with SBB, the Swiss Federal Railways.

Truphone partners with Swiss Railways (SBB) to offer passengers affordable mobile connectivity using eSIM

From today, SBB will deliver mobile connectivity digitally via its webshop to millions of customers travelling within Switzerland and beyond. Passengers will conveniently be able to buy mobile data for their journeys at the same time as they purchase their tickets.

Truphone and partner SweePay have worked together with SBB to deliver this unique experience using eSIM technology, a now increasingly widespread standard across smartphones and tablets. SBB will keep customers connected wherever they are by offering mobile global roaming data packages for over 100 countries. Easily activated through a digital download, no need for a clunky plastic SIM card. Previously available only through trips to operator stores or stores selling local SIM data packages.

This offer is enabled through Truphone Connect, a new breed of cPaaS solution, a set of APIs that allows partners to offer customers mobile connectivity through their own apps and interfaces. Using Truphone Connect, SBB can offer instant mobile connectivity to their customers for over 100 countries through one simple API.

SBB Customers can purchase a range of data packages with immediate effect via the SBB online shop at

Ralph Steffens, Truphone CEO said: “We are delighted to offer this innovative solution for passengers on the Swiss Railways, solving a connectivity challenge within and across borders. Leveraging our leadership in eSIM and our suite of connectivity innovations we can provide new experiences to partners and their consumers. It has been a great pleasure working with SBB and SweePay on this exciting project.”

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