Truphone: Our story

Truphone: Our story

Truphone was first founded over ten years ago. And while we’ve changed direction quite a bit since the beginning, our mission back then was actually very similar to what it is today: to fundamentally change how we think about mobile connectivity and how businesses, people and things connect to mobile networks.

While this mission remains the same, the way we enact it is very different. Ultimately, the catalyst for change has been the world around us.

After all, the world was a very different place back in 2006…

Our early days

In the very beginning, located on a small farm in Kent, Truphone started off by building a better Skype—a Skype solution that could reach non-Skype users. While that sounds mundane today, it was so state-of-the-art that Skype did not take long to work hard in replicating this capability. This was originally a desktop solution simply because the smartphone was not invented yet.

Off the back of this endeavour, it became our mission to make all connections smarter and more efficient—on a global scale.

To do this, we built a truly global mobile and data network. We plugged in a patented in-network call recording technology. We developed our own software to fully digitise cellular connectivity—at a speed and specificity that continues to blow past the rest of the industry.

We also developed a clear view that a handy little piece of tech called eSIM would soon be the dominant method of connecting devices. We made a strategic decision to put our technologies and our expertise to work in developing a full-stack eSIM ecosystem—working with the likes of Apple to bring eSIM to the iPhone in 2018.

These technologies are now changing the way the whole mobile industry works—from operators to device makers to chip manufacturers and consumers.

Future-proof solutions

Things were very different 10 years ago. Change in many parts of life is measured in 1,000s of years, while in our industry it is often a matter of 1,000 days.

So how do we respond to these ever-increasing demands? We reflect. We change. We find new ways to keep up with the evolving state of play in our industry. This has set the ethos of Truphone from the very beginning and has stood us in good stead this past year especially.

2020 has taught us that there is no challenge too big, no change too sudden to take on.

This year alone, Truphone has enabled some of the world’s biggest banks and financial organisations to set up fully functioning remote working capabilities that adhere to strict compliance measures with the launch of its new product Truphone MultiLine.

Truphone MultiLine enables a business-owned number to be delivered to an employee’s personal device while being managed under corporate policy, delivering a robust and reliable means of managing business calls and messaging on the user’s personal device.

This essentially means businesses no longer must either fork out for employee devices or deal with the complicated issue of managing multiple personal contracts for BYOD users.

We’ve also been hard at work with our longstanding partner Apple to launch Apple Watch Family Setup, a new feature which allows kids and older family members of the household who do not have iPhone to enjoy Apple Watch—and endeavour which Truphone is supporting in six key markets across the world: the UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain and Poland.

If we have learnt one thing in 2020, it is the importance of being able to stay connected from afar, whether that’s to your family, friends, colleagues—or even your healthcare provider. Truphone MultilLine and Apple Watch Family Setup are a step in the right direction to bringing us all a little closer—no matter where in the world we are.

Looking ahead

Today, Truphone continues to create technology that we believe will change the way people and devices connect to the world around them—far into the future.

Our story is still unfolding, and it is changing day to day.

For now, we can say this: Every day, we engineer smarter, more seamless connections between things, people, and businesses around the globe.

Because we believe that the better the world communicates, the better the world.

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