Truphone makes Ralph Feder’s global expansion easier

Truphone makes Ralph Feder’s global expansion easier

"Truphone is the perfect fit for us. It's the best company to support our organic growth.”

Rafael Ballesta, CEO and founder, Ralph Feder

Ralph Feder is a luxury real estate company which sells properties in destinations all over the world. With residences in Costa Blanca, Miami and New York and based in Alicante, it is a company that carries international expansion in its DNA and has started the creation of different franchises around the world.

The challenge of global expansion

Before joining Truphone, Ralph Feder had no local numbering in its business countries, which caused some communication problems. For Rafael Ballesta, CEO and founder, not having the assurance of seamless communication with key customers at the right time had the potential to become an impediment to business expansion. On some occasions, an unanswered call could mean losses and delays.

“International customers did not answer calls with local numbers from Spain."

Thanks to Truphone's services, this is a problem they no longer have to worry about. “Truphone helps us to expand our horizons, it is one of the main tools of our brand.” When they first learned about Truphone's services, Ralph Feder started with a prepaid UK SIM card, and because of the ease of locating their international contacts, the trusted network, and the fast and efficient service, they continued with the services, even considering Truphone as a key partner for them.

“In our growth, we are guided by the Truphone countries.”

The Truphone Solution

For the team at Ralph Feder, it is essential to be able to attend to international clientele from Spain with a fast, efficient and, above all, reliable service. This is something that greatly increases the company's productivity.

“Now we contact our clients immediately.”

Truphone plans are designed with Ralph Feder's usage patterns and needs in mind. They are not pre-set plans that the company must adapt to, but rather Truphone listens to what the business needs at any given time and, based on that, designs a unique custom plan. 

“We target a selective market, exclusivity. That's why we connect well with Truphone, because of the exclusivity they provide.”

Why Truphone

“Truphone has truly international vision when it comes to the business model."

  • A solid network that gives peace of mind

    Networking is key to Ralph Feder's international relations. With Truphone, there are no unpleasant surprises or service cuts, just the peace of mind of being able to contact anyone they need, anywhere.“With Truphone, we now have both peace of mind and a very good network service.”

  • A tool for expansion

    Truphone is the perfect fit for Ralph Feder's ambitious growth plans.“The moment we become a franchised brand, the main tool will be Truphone.”

  • A reliable service

    The attention of a specialized Account Manager when it is needed gives the company the confidence to know that, whatever happens, someone will be on hand to solve the situation.

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