Truphone launches new iSIM collaboration to simplify connecting millions of IoT devices

Truphone launches new iSIM collaboration to simplify connecting millions of IoT devices

Truphone, the provider of secure IoT connectivity over its global network, is collaborating with cellular IoT chipset provider Sony Semiconductor Israel (Sony), which offers the only commercially available and certified modem chipset that contains an integrated SIM (iSIM), to simplify the complex and costly process of enabling global cellular IoT connectivity for connected devices. iSIM moves SIM functionality into a device’s permanent hardware memory and, because an iSIM no longer relies on a separate chip or processor, extra room on a device’s hardware is freed up.

Truphone has pioneered adoption of embedded SIMs and now serves more than 3,500 multinational enterprises in 196 countries, connecting more than 15 million eSIMs globally. The company operates its own GSMA-compliant eSIM remote SIM provisioning platform and it wants to further simplify global IoT connectivity by collaborating across the IoT ecosystem.

Organisations have previously needed to achieve certification with multiple connectivity providers and have had to develop several versions of products in order to address global markets. By adopting iSIM-enabled connectivity supported by a cellular modem with Sony’s Altair modem chipset, organisations can access and ensure global, cellular IoT connectivity.

This radically simplifies device design and manufacture and reduces the management burden by limiting the number of vendors and service providers required to operate an IoT service.

The new collaboration also simplifies IoT organisations’ go-to-market and can help enable new business models including as as-a-service offerings. By combining Sony’s Altair cellular IoT chipset with Truphone’s global networking expertise, customers can simplify and accelerate their global cellular IoT deployments while also assuring compliance with certification and ensuring their offerings are secure.

"This collaboration demonstrates Truphone’s strength and leadership in enabling connectivity for IoT,” said Ralph Steffens, the chief executive of Truphone. “This merging of technologies will create powerful, scalable IoT deployments. We’re thrilled to be joining Sony in bringing seamless connectivity to a breadth of industries – from vehicles to wearables and everything in-between.”

Aviv Castro, the vice president of Business Development at Sony Semiconductor Israel, added: "Sony is playing a crucial role in the evolution of connected devices, and collaborating with Truphone via our integrated SIM enables global connectivity without roaming, which is absolutely vital for large-scale IoT applications. In addition, Truphone provides unique, affordable business models for connectivity, which further encourages the adoption of IoT.”

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