Truphone for Things gets Fox Sports ahead of the game

Truphone for Things gets Fox Sports ahead of the game

"We were able to replace all of the SIMs with Truphone SIM cards to enable us to be on the Truphone network everywhere we were with the backpacks in France. This allowed us to have one data plan and no surprises at the end of the tournament."

Kevin Callahan, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Fox Sports

Fox Sports Business Challenge

As one of the largest sports broadcasters in the world, Fox Sports is on-site at every major sporting event, reporting on the biggest stories as they break. These pre-planned large-scale events are the focal point of the year for broadcasters, with multi-millions invested to ensure the best quality coverage.

During the Women’s World Cup in France, Fox Sports needed a flexible solution that would enable them to broadcast live footage for its programming, without having to worry about poor connection or breaks in service.

Truphone solution

Using Truphone for Things – Truphone’s cutting-edge IoT technology – Fox Sports replaced all of its regular SIM cards with Truphone SIMs in its LiveU mobile broadcasting packs. These broadcasting packs, which the Fox Sports team wear physically like a rucksack, were able to connect to the Truphone network at all times, capturing live footage which was sent, in real-time, back to its HQ in the US.

In switching to Truphone’s SIMs, Fox Sports could transmit live content to a cell tower which was, in turn, received halfway around the world and broadcast directly into the home. Not only did the implementation of Truphone SIMs afford Fox Sports with a seamless, reliable connection, it also meant that their entire live broadcasting fleet could be managed on one plan with one point of contact.

Why Truphone?

• Seamless, reliable connectivity anywhere around the globe
• One mobile plan, one point of contact—hassle-free

You can read more about Truphone for Things here.


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