Truphone delivers eSIM for Unitel in record time

Unitel can now offer eSIM enabled services to their customers thanks to Truphone's Remote SIM Provisioning platform and supporting services, all implemented within 2 months.

Truphone delivers eSIM for Unitel in record time

"Unitel is a very young and dynamic growth company and agility is our identity. We look for the same energy, the same identity from our partners. Right now, I can say that Truphone has fulfilled our expectations and we successfully accomplished a project right through to the go live in just two months."

Tulga Otgonbayar, CIO at Unitel

Unitel Business Challenge

Unitel is a leader in the mobile communications industry and the largest ICT comprehensive service group in the information technology and telecommunications industry.

Established in 2006, it now provides a full range of services such as mobile communication, IPTV, internet, landline triple play, satellite communication, broadband network, satellite network and mobile content.

Unitel wanted to become the first operator in Mongolia to launch eSIM services. And so, in 2018, Unitel began looking for a strategic software partner to help it bring an eSIM solution to its customer base. Unitel began talking to Truphone, whose story they believed in but also who understood eSIM well and were operationally efficient enough to be able to respond quickly.

The Truphone Solution

After scouring the market, Unitel decided on Truphone as their strategic partner. “We chose Truphone because they understood our strategy and their SaaS service model is clear and transparent.”

Deadlines were tight: Unitel wanted to launch within just two months of signing the contract. Truphone readily accepted the challenge.

“It was not only the speed that impressed us, but also the quality. During this service implementation, Truphone’s work was swift and precise and as a result, we have successfully launched the project in under two months. Their partnership with Apple has given us great insight and support, particularly while developing our app—for which their software development kit (SDK) and APIs were invaluable.”

Unitel’s mission toward digital transformation and expansion is still underway; one of the next steps is preparing its network to connect Apple Watches when they become available in Mongolia. For that, Truphone will be providing its entitlements server solution, developed through its close relationship with Apple.

“I think that everyone is aware that the digital shift or digital transformation, is very key for all the companies in this industry. Even though customer acquisition is currently not vast for eSIM, the speed with which it's growing is above our expectations and that's the trend that we are looking for. It’s why I'm confident that along our digital transformation journey, Truphone will a longstanding partner in Unitel’s further business expansion.”

Why Truphone?

•    Access to our full connectivity suite: from eSIM to RSP
•    A clear and transparent SaaS service model
•    Agile and efficient. Be up and running with state-of-the-art technology in a matter of weeks

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