Truphone's Connectivity helps NOMOBO build global partnerships

Truphone's Connectivity helps NOMOBO build global partnerships

"Truphone is like the Swiss Army knife of telecoms when it comes to international business operations."

Robert Buisman, NOMOBO, CEO

NOMOBO is a global video agency. It produces content creatively, delivering live streams and interactive broadcasts that increase engagement and provide proven return on investment. Specialising in music, sports and brand activation, NOMOBO regularly works with clients and partners in Europe, the United States and Asia, and needs constant connectivity and a local presence wherever it goes.

NOMOBO business challenge

With headquarters in New York and The Netherlands, NOMOBO employs a small team that travels all over the world and works with local specialists wherever projects dictate. The ability to connect and communicate across country and continent borders is crucial to the capture and distribution of its event broadcasts.

Previously reliant on changing SIMs and arranging local connectivity wherever it went, the team was growing frustrated with the inconvenience and the unpredictability of coverage and cost. But when CEO Robert Buisman heard about Truphone’s global connectivity plans, he realised there was another way…

“I was always travelling to the US—changing SIM cards and sorting out international calling and data was a hassle. A friend of mine said ‘Just get Truphone’. I immediately got my business partner on board with it too.”

Unreliable and time-consuming support functions were also becoming commonplace with network providers. Waiting on hold and then being transferred “so you have to tell your story four or five times before you speak to the right person” added to Robert’s annoyances.

Truphone solution

The issues with needing to change SIM cards and accompanying plans each time NOMOBO’s experts touched down on foreign soil were relatively simple ones for Truphone to resolve. Its Truphone For Business contracts are designed based on specific customer requirements. Key countries of travel are identified and tailored plans comprising calls, texts and data – each at a standard rate – are created. One contract, one SIM card—wherever you travel.

But the new plans offered additional benefits to Robert and his team. The ability to assign more than one number to a device meant that NOMOBO employees could sidestep issues related to foreign-number call screening and build stronger regional relationships.

“Having a local number means you can look like a domestic partner rather than a stranger. It helps build trust as people believe that you’re on hand to help”.

Calling via the best-connected local networks – an advantage of Truphone’s partnerships with regional carriers – also improves call quality. Latency can be substantially reduced, too.

Robert is also quick to pay tribute to Truphone’s support function.

“The support is second to none. On the rare occasions that I have an issue, I dial the support number and find myself talking to someone who can help – straight away. If the problem can’t be fixed there and then, I receive communications about what’s going to happen. And it happens.”

What next for NOMOBO?

The company is looking to expand into Asia, which may mean tweaks to its business plans are required to ensure continued seamless connectivity.

But, as Robert states, “I feel like – with the partnership that we now have – our increasing need for remote-working communications is something Truphone can develop solutions for.”

Why Truphone?

  • One contract, one SIM card—wherever you travel
  • The ability to assign more than one number to a device, so you feel like a local anywhere
  • We identify key travel locations and incorporate calls, texts and data under one simple, tailored plan
  • 24/7/365 support from a dedicated service delivery manager


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