Top 3 reasons for multiple international numbers

Top 3 reasons for multiple international numbers

How both you and your customers can pay local rates when speaking across the globe

What's one of the best ways your business can thrive globally? By projecting a local presence worldwide. Truphone can help you do this because we offer something no other mobile operator can: a SIM with multiple international numbers.

With us, you – and your employees – can have up to eight international numbers on a single SIM. Wherever you are in the world, local contacts will see your local number flash up on their phone – and also pay local rates whenever they call you.

Here, we reveal the top 3 benefits of having multiple international numbers and how Truphone can help you excel in global networking.

1. International client care
Networking overseas isn't always a walk in the park. There can be language or cultural barriers to overcome, and you need every advantage available. If you meet a potential client when abroad, they may be apprehensive about taking your call if a foreign number flashes up.

Truphone's multiple international numbers waves goodbye to these concerns. It makes your number appear local to your client, no matter where you are based, and could be the deciding factor in whether they answer the call. The client avoids paying extortionate roaming charges, the quality of the call is much cleaner, and as a result, you end up providing a gold standard customer service.

2. Appear global without the business overheads
It's the ambition of nearly every company to find success globally. This doesn't happen overnight however, and setting up offices abroad is rarely a cheap process. Thankfully, Truphone has the solution.

With a network of staff with multiple international numbers, your company can present a global presence, even with just a single office. And so your business stays connected on a worldwide stage – along with saving a pretty penny in the process.

3. One phone, one international SIM
In the past, to have multiple international numbers available, you would have to carry numerous SIM cards around with you. Or even more weight-consuming, numerous phones. With Truphone's international business mobile plan, all of your international numbers are loaded on to one SIM.

Now, whenever a client contacts you, it's guaranteed they can reach you on a local number – regardless of where you're situated at the time. Oh, and no longer having to extract and insert multiple SIM cards wherever you go? Well that's just an added bonus.

Stay connected globally for less with Truphone

At Truphone we have a range of international mobile plans, allowing you to add up to eight international numbers to your SIM. Our international mobile plans remove roaming charges in 66 countries – so you can make calls around the globe, with no added costs looming over you. 

What's more, you can tailor you plan and roam free in over 190 countries. Truphone offers a truly sustainable, reliable and practical solution for businesses looking to thrive in the international market. For further information on our mobile plans, head to our business mobile phone plans.

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