Soracom and Truphone partner to bring eSIM provisioning to cloud native mobile networks

Soracom and Truphone partner to bring eSIM provisioning to cloud native mobile networks

eSIM implementation eliminates the need for physical SIM distribution to connected devices across the global Soracom customer network.

Soracom’s eSIM capability is powered by Truphone’s industry-leading remote SIM provisioning platform, which allows mobile operators to onboard eSIMs without a lengthy administrative process.

Both partners’ commitment to AWS and other cloud providers allow the platform and network to operate seamlessly in an open environment.

London - 1st August 2019 -- Soracom, a global provider of smart connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), and Truphone have partnered to transform the eSIM market by putting eSIM technology in the hands of over 1 million subscribers in Japan, and around the world—all operating on the AWS cloud.

To achieve this, Truphone is providing Soracom with its remote SIM provisioning platform. This state-of-the-art technology will allow Soracom to provision SIM profiles over the air to M2M, IoT and consumer devices across their partner networks—simplifying the scaling, management and distribution of connected devices.

Unlike traditional SIM manufacturers, whose model continues to constrain the needs of modern mobile operators, Truphone’s innovative commercial model will allow Soracom to rapidly deploy service without any significant set up cost and no upfront usage fees. This removes the barrier to entry for eSIM uptake and is built to rethink the consumer and M2M SIM space for everyone from chipset manufacturers, to device makers to mobile network operators—to drive forward the connected device market for the whole industry.

Both companies align on their long-term vision of intelligently using the capacity and services provided by a leading public cloud provider. Soracom bridges AWS and 2G/3G/LTE cellular and LoRaWAN/Sigfox networks by using its cloud native mobile core network built on top of AWS. Truphone’s extensive use of Amazon Web Services for storing and processing data aligned well with Soracom’s existing platform and allowed both partners to simplify the integration of their services.

Steve Alder, Chief Business Development Officer, said: “With Soracom using this platform to service their network of industry partners, it’s evident that we’re beginning to see the demand for this technology in some of the world’s biggest markets. As a strategic partner for the world’s leading IoT and consumer device leaders, it’s incredibly encouraging to see.”

"Soracom is committed to democratizing IoT development, freeing developers from the constraints of the traditional carrier model," said Daichi Funato, Soracom Co-Founder and COO. "Combined with the Soracom connectivity platform, Truphone'sremote SIM provisioning technology helps Soracom make it easy for developers to take advantage of leading-edge eSIM capabilities driving the next wave of IoT."

About Truphone

Truphone believes that connectivity can be easier, smarter and more efficient. Since 2006, we have built state of the art SIM software, intuitive management platforms and a powerful global network to make this a reality.

Every day, our technicians engineer better connections between things, people and business to make the world smarter. Headquartered in London, we have 12 offices across four continents and continue to expand globally. To learn more, visit

About Soracom

Soracom is a global provider of smart IoT connectivity, offering cloud-native wireless service designed specifically for the needs of connected devices. Founded in 2015 to create a more connected world by removing the barriers to IoT development, Soracom now serves over 15,000 customers across all industries, from agriculture, energy, construction and transportation to consumer electronics, manufacturing, real estate and healthcare. From global enterprises to fast-growing start-ups, customers trust Soracom for affordable, reliable connectivity that accelerates speed to market and makes it easy to connect to the cloud. Soracom is an AWS IoT Competency Partner. More information is available at

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