Solving the SMS compliance challenge

Solving the SMS compliance challenge

Truphone's Global SMS recording solution enables financial institutions to overcome the Blackberry migration challenge by ensuring recorded SMS. For many financial institutions that are transitioning away from BlackBerry to iOS and Android, their SMS communication will no longer be recorded, resulting in non-compliant communications and hefty fines. Truphone Mobile Recording is the market leading solution that works globally and across devices to ensure every SMS is recorded and securely stored.

Maintaining status quo

Paul Liesching, Global Head of Financial Markets at Truphone, commented: "Historically, BlackBerry has provided SMS recording as a default native component, which does not exist in iOS or Android. Truphone is delighted to enable continuity of service when migrating to smartphones by offering our customers seamless maintenance of this vital message service, maintaining status quo."

As the world's first global mobile network and a leading supplier of regulatory compliant mobile recording, our solution has been designed to record SMS messages across all devices. It securely and seamlessly captures and delivers SMS to a customer's existing message archiving environment or Truphone's secure global cloud, irrespective of a user's location.

Nine of the world's largest investment banks already use our mobile recording solution. Truphone Mobile Recording integrates seamlessly with the bank's existing compliance messaging repository supplied by Actiance to ensure continuity of compliant recording.

A secure global platform

This combined solution minimises the impact of migrating to new devices. Truphone customers enjoy a secure global platform that achieves scalable compliance for recording SMS. Our users now adhere to the latest global regulatory requirements for mobile recording, and Truphone's extensive European coverage also meets MiFID II mobile recording legislation.

In addition, our customers benefit from Truphone's shared data plans to address the increase in data usage associated with a smartphone migration of this type. This includes shared airtime plans, cost savings on global roaming charges and award-winning global support, all under a single master services agreement.

Talk to us today about how our market-leading, global in-network solution can help you achieve compliance.

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