SMILE partners with Truphone to power up its IoT offering with eSIM connectivity

From today, Truphone’s connectivity and eSIM technology will be the chosen solution behind SMILE’s embedded and IoT offerings.

SMILE partners with Truphone to power up its IoT offering with eSIM connectivity

Truphone has partnered with SMILE, the European leader in digital and open source solutions, as its chosen IoT connectivity partner for SMILE’s embedded and IoT offerings.

SMILE’s embedded and IoT model acts as a service for customers, providing industry expertise from its roster of over 1,700 individual collaborators, working closely alongside clients—from the initial idea through to the prototype and development stages of their bespoke project.

From today, Truphone’s connectivity and eSIM technology will be the chosen solution behind SMILE’s embedded and IoT offerings.

Based in France, working with fifteen different agencies across Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland), but also in Morocco and Ukraine, SMILE’s reach will benefit from Truphone’s seamless global IoT connectivity, which works from the moment it is switched on. No complicated activation process, no wordy manual, just connectivity from the touch of a button.

eSIM technology is increasingly becoming the catalyst for new IoT use cases, removing many of the barriers to adoption associated with the traditional SIM card. A broad ecosystem is needed to address these new connected IoT opportunities and partnerships between leading component makers, distributors and connectivity specialists. Truphone's unique position as the only provider that operates its own GSMA-compliant eSIM, remote SIM provisioning platform and global mobile network makes it the ideal connectivity partner for a company like SMILE.

The Truphone network supports 2G, 3G, 4G and CAT-M1/LTE-M worldwide – all with a single SIM card – and gives every customer access to its IoT Connectivity Management platform.

Truphone’s simple, scalable IoT plans simplify the connectivity process, allowing SMILE to focus on its customer’s projects, safe in the knowledge that any connectivity requirements are covered.

Oliver Potter, Director of IoT at Truphone said: “Truphone and SMILE have a shared ethos—offering exceptional, tailored service to customers. We understand that no two customers are the same, and that requirements can change at a moment’s notice. We developed our IoT connectivity model with this in mind—built from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and global. We’re thrilled to be partnering with SMILE to offer this agile solution to its customers.”

Christophe Brunschweiler, “Embedded & Connected Systems” Business Unit Manager at SMILE added: “While it is now common to qualify data as the new black gold, its value lies in the information that is taken from it and the use that is made of it. At the heart of this value chain, connectivity is a key point: with a connectivity partner such as Truphone, all of its major challenges are covered: quality of service, secure exchanges, but also the ease of equipping and managing each connected device.”

To find out more about this partnership and how your business can benefit from IoT connectivity and eSIM technology, register to attend Truphone and SMILE’s joint talk, taking place on June 3rd 2021 during the Live Embedded Event.

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