Making eSIM simple with Truphone Connect

Today, Truphone launches Truphone Connect, the latest edition to its product suite.

Making eSIM simple with Truphone Connect

New tool allows businesses to easily add Truphone’s connectivity into their existing products and beyond.

Leveraging Truphone’s eSIM technology, end-user data covers the world’s most popular destinations including the USA, Europe and many countries in the Middle East and Asia.

Today, Truphone launches Truphone Connect, the latest edition to its product suite.

Truphone Connect is Truphone’s new platform for enabling other companies to bundle Truphone’s connectivity and eSIM technology with their existing products.

Having democratised access to the company’s global mobile network, using a few simple APIs, Truphone Connect can easily enable an external company’s applications with access to a Truphone eSIM and global mobile connectivity, working on both Android and iOS or in IoT devices.

This state-of-the-art eSIM technology enables end-customers to get an instant data connection anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. No switching SIM cards, no need to rely on or search for WiFi hotspots. Just click and connect.

For businesses, it’s equally simple. With Truphone Connect, our global connectivity service is added to their existing product, bolstering their offering instantly under a recurring revenue stream. In doing this we also boost customer retention, making the product more appealing to the end-user. With a consultation to go-live taking only a matter of weeks, it’s never been easier to be the first in your market to offer industry-leading connectivity solutions to customers.

Once implemented, the business in question can choose from a catalogue of pre-configured data packages, ranging from 300MB to 5GB lasting from one day to 30 days. Plans can be tailored on a case-by-case basis, but broadly fit into two categories: Truphone’s Europe offer and its Global offer, across dozens of countries. Truphone’s mobile data plans cover the world’s most popular destinations, including the USA, Europe and many countries in the Middle East and Asia. And the Truphone Connect model also allows users to add almost any country in the world to their personal product suite, based on their requirements.

And it’s not just for consumer-facing products, tailored plans also exist for IoT use cases for any industry that is looking to future-proof and streamline its offering with IoT technology.

So, no matter where a company’s customers are from, and whatever solutions they need, Truphone will have them covered.

Ralph Steffens, CEO at Truphone said: “At Truphone, we’ve always championed interoperability within technology, and Truphone Connect is another prime example of that. We’re proud to have the world’s first truly global network, but we’re even prouder to be able to share that network with others—giving them the opportunity to scale-up their own offering with ours.”

Scott MacKenzie, Head of Device and Connectivity Services at Truphone added: “Consumers want simplicity and the full package when it comes to making purchases. With Truphone Connect, we tick both these boxes. For example, when booking a hotel abroad through an app, Truphone Connect can be added to this offer, allowing the customer to add seamless global data to their purchase, and pay for it in one for the duration of their trip. It’s a simple idea that makes a big difference to the end-user and provider alike.”

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