It’s Official – We’re eSIM High Flyers

It’s Official – We’re eSIM High Flyers

With over 40 years’ experience in delivering trusted research across the roaming and connectivity sector, leading connectivity market intelligence and consulting firm Kaleido Intelligence have long been a valuable source for trusted industry insight. They’ve worked hard to build a proven track record for delivering Telecom research at the highest level, so it’s little wonder that savvy IoT organisations around the world pricked up their ears and took note when they announced Truphone as eSIM High Flyers for our eSIM Connectivity Services.

After assessing over 60 providers, and in a culmination of more than 4-months’ worth of primary research, Kaleido announced its latest Connectivity Vendor Hub Research Report, providing the most up-to-date rankings and scores for IoT connectivity service providers across four categories.

The in-depth report included an assessment of the service offerings and updated Kaleido Scores for 60 leading cellular IoT connectivity service providers across:

•   Connectivity Management Platforms (CMP)

•   eSIM Connectivity Services

•   eSIM Subscription Management Services

Kaleido’s approach focused on categorising service providers based on product features and depth, underlying technology, in addition to differentiation and innovation factors that help accelerate the market. Vendors with leading product offerings are labelled as Kaleido Champion and High Flyer vendors, representing their leading market offering. And after much in-depth analysis of the top eSIM Connectivity Services, the report awarded us the accolade of “High Flyers”,

As pioneers of eSIM technology, we’ve long been working to eliminate that complexity. We’ve been challenging the status quo to help equally pioneering companies to futureproof their IoT rollouts and connect IoT devices anywhere, thanks to our proprietary eSIM platforms, our own global mobile network and our own connectivity management portal.

Michael Moorfield, Chief Technology Officer at Truphone said: “We are again proud to be recognised as world leaders in eSIM by Kaleido Intelligence. It is well-earned recognition of the fact that we are pioneering eSIM support in the growing cellular IoT market through our unique solution. We truly believe in delivering freedom, long-term flexibility at global scale to our customers as we enter an era of more and more eSIM only devices..”

So the respected industry research experts have spoken - if you’re looking for a reliable and resilient connectivity provider to power your IoT solution - a partner that you can trust to support your international expansion and futureproof your IoT connectivity with eSIM, then Truphone are literally champs.

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