Truphone helps HBA connect its global clientele

Truphone helps HBA connect its global clientele

"When you’re in IT, half your job is putting out fires. Truphone supports our fast-paced way of working."

Bruce Difley, IT Director, Hirsch Bedner Associates

Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) is the number one interior design firm in the world for luxury hotels. It’s an international business with 1,500 employees­—many of whom travel all over the globe.

For travelling designers, their mobile devices are the only things keeping them connected to their office and their work. It’s therefore critical that they’re supported and have the connection to communicate, wherever they are in the world, 24 hours a day.

In its work, HBA creates incredibly detailed plans, drawings and reports. Everything is digitised and, due to the global nature of the business, needs to be readily accessible anytime and anywhere. If the team needs to make an impromptu presentation to a client, it has to be able to access relevant content easily over the air.

Truphone has enabled HBA to work efficiently internationally by ensuring that mobiles work wherever employees travel. As well as expanding HBA’s connectivity coverage, it has also provided a massively simplified plan, so bills are much more predictable and easier to manage.

Alongside these benefits are the cost savings Truphone’s plan has brought – monthly mobile bills have been halved compared to HBA’s previous spend.

IT Director Bruce Diffey recognised that HBA’s global connectivity issue was one that needed addressing immediately, and Truphone was able to support him and the company throughout the transition.

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