eSIM: who needs it anyway?

eSIM: who needs it anyway?

The future is connectivity. The present is an opportunity.

Over the past two decades, advances in communication have ripped up and rebuilt the landscapes of business, society and politics.

But this extraordinary acceleration of connectivity and mobility - the revolution that held the world in its grip for so long - is stalling.


Partly because revolutions, such as they are, allow little time or garner much appetite for grand masterplans. When markets mature and consolidate at breakneck speed, competition intensifies; concentrates. Walls go up.

Now, across the globe, entrepreneurs and visionaries are on a quest to reconnect the world; writing a new set of priorities for telecommunications, with seamless connectivity as an overarching principle.

Enter the eSIM.

The 'e' stands for 'embedded' because, unlike previous SIM cards, this one is built directly onto the device's motherboard. It's a standardised rewritable chip, allowing the eSIM in one device to work with any network instantly.

Both the Apple Watch 3 and the Pixel 2 carry an eSIM, raising its profile on the tech scene. As this technology becomes normalised, we can expect to see simple and effective network connectivity across an ever-widening range of platforms.

The eSIM chip will empower a new generation of global thinkers to build a truly interconnected future. Let's take a look at just five of these benefactors:

The Entrepreneur

Ambitious, business-savvy, and ready to evolve with our changing times, The Entrepreneur is not just trying to stay up-to-date: they want to take full advantage of whatever innovation might help them pursue their goals. They have a global vision, an open mind, and a keen eye for anything that can make their dream a reality.

For The Entrepreneur, an embedded SIM is the key to business growth. Millennials, now firmly in their thirties, are taking the helm. According to Dream bigger: The scale-up moment, a recent report by accountancy firm Smith & Williamson, two in five leaders of UK scaleup businesses are under 34. These new leaders see opportunities worldwide. With the affordably flexible mobile plans that eSIM allows, it's the perfect tool in the right hands.

The Stylist

Whether a millennial model, a young designer, or a fashion blogger, The Stylist needs to stay on trend and stay in touch, without being tied down. They go global to get ahead, and they get ahead with eSIM.

The Stylist isn't going to waste time and money with roaming charges and SIM card delays. Their world moves quickly; the boundary between lifestyle and career is blurring, and rapid evolution is an integral element of both. They might be updating their website from the hotel lobby or planning a shoot that'll shake up the industry. Connectivity is essential and, for The Stylist, so is eSIM.

The Influencer

Social media has fundamentally altered the way in which we consume media and engage with advertising. The Influencer knows exactly how to ride these waves. From Instagram and VSCO to YouTube and Twitch, young people are building brands in new and exciting ways.

Whether they're attending conventions to hang out with fans, meeting business partners to discuss a new paid promotion, or filming their latest travel vlog, The Influencer's work demands that they keep in touch with their following, regardless of location. With an eSIM chip, they'll always have the data plan that works for them, wherever their journey takes them.

The Creative

Unconfined, uninhibited, unconventional -  The Creative needs freedom, above all else. They might be an artist or a filmmaker, a photographer with a vision or an actor on the verge of that big break. With their careers ahead of them, they can't afford to ignore any opportunity.

It might be an offer on the other side of the world or a collaboration that just can't be missed. With an embedded sim card, it's an opportunity they can take. This technology will allow The Creative to instantly download a local data package at local rates, without worrying about a SIM card or breaking the bank with their usual contract.

The Tech-Head

Ahead of the curve, ahead of the game - The Tech-Head is living in the future. Right now. They've got their finger on the pulse of a software revolution and they understand the importance of connectivity. They want tomorrow's technology today, and they can have it. It's called eSIM.

The Tech-Head is a visionary. Their vision? A more efficient, interlinked user experience. With an embedded SIM, the different processes of modern life will become increasingly unified. We're moving ever closer to the complete intersection of everything from the cars we drive to the phones we carry. With eSIM, The Tech-Head's vision will soon be the new normal.

For more information check out our embedded SIM page.

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