e-SIM Connect is the world’s only eSIM-dedicated event. In the last 12 months, we have seen the release of Google's Pixel 2, Apple's iPhone 11 series and multiple developments in connected PCs and wearables. We continue to solidify an eSIM reality across the M2M, IoT and mobile industries.

This year’s event will address these developments, provide industry standards updates, map out the customer journey step by step and will facilitate the much-needed discussion regarding eSIM benefits and the support required.

What is e-SIM Connect


Just over one year ago, Apple launched its first eSIM-enabled iPhones. Since then, we have seen a major shift in demand for eSIM enabled services and a rise in the number of eSIM deployments around the world. As eSIM becomes commonplace, fear, uncertainty and doubt have subsided to make way for the era of truly frictionless connectivity.

At this year’s e-SIM Connect, Michael Moorfield, Director of Product at Truphone, will be speaking about the last 12 months and will discuss how demand for eSIM is driving more consumption and creating new opportunities—enabling a simpler way for customers to connect not only to each other but to the world around us.

What is Truphone bringing to the table


Experience remote SIM provisioning for faster management and connectivity procurement. We provide a full-stack connectivity ecosystem including eSIM operating system, portable to any type of chip-set. A fully managed network with high-quality global coverage that can be customised with a fully functional connectivity profile bootstrap.

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