Beyond asset tracking, with Truphone and Teltonika Telematics

Beyond asset tracking, with Truphone and Teltonika Telematics

"After comparing many solutions from different service providers, Truphone was the most practical choice to meet Teltonika Telematics customers' needs. Compared to other connectivity providers, they offered the best available balance of coverage, flexibility, convenience, and control."

Sergej Agejev, Project Development Manager at Teltonika Telematics

Seamless Global Cellular IoT Connectivity

When you’re offering world-class IoT asset tracking solutions, how do you reliably track and manage thousands of devices around the globe?

When you need to communicate critical data about the status of vehicles and assets, how do you ensure your devices always have the secure and dependable mobile connectivity they need?

When Teltonika Telematics faced these questions and needed a solution that gave them more freedom, choice and control over their global cellular IoT connectivity, they saw that the answer was Truphone.

Supporting Teltonika

Lithuania-based Teltonika Telematics, part of the
Teltonika company group, is a leading designer,
developer, and manufacturer of innovative tracking
solutions with local representatives in 20 countries
worldwide. Delivering best-in-class GPS tracking
for vehicles, assets, and people around the world,
Teltonika Telematics trackers, accessories, and
software tools provide instant, out-of-the-box
global connectivity, enabling Telematics Service
Providers to sell their services to enterprises and
help keep a close eye on vital resources in the
busiest cities or the remotest locations.

Monitoring and managing thousands of tracking devices and setting up truly global connectivity can be a real challenge for customers, as they often face:
· Less visibility of their assets.
· Lack of information sharing.
· Difficulty ensuring consistent control and monitoring.

All of the above are issues that Teltonika Telematics GPS solutions address and solve perfectly.

Striving for Growth

Teltonika Telematics products and solutions enable precise tracking across the world and make it possible for enterprises not only to get the exact location of their vehicles and fleets but also to monitor much more specific details, such as door status, engine performance, vehicle movement, or maintenance schedule. This level of analysis opens up a whole world of extra possibilities and benefits, as not only can businesses be much more accurate in dealing with maintenance and repairs, but they can also recover stolen vehicles.

This analysis can help reduce operating costs because of more efficient route planning, maintenance scheduling and fuel savings, and even improve safety and insurance costs by analysing driving behaviour with a fitted GPS tracker.

Still, seamless communication of all that global data takes next-level connectivity, which can sometimes be a challenge. That’s especially true when ensuring that connectivity is always available when needed and simultaneously trying to maintain the highest standards of service amid Teltonika Telematics’ push for international growth.

A Partnership That Goes Above and Beyond

Teltonika Telematics, in upholding the ‘one supplier – complete solution’ concept, was looking for a mobile connectivity provider – a powerful and comprehensive solution for the company’s global IoT cellular connectivity that could do it all. They needed a partner that could scale with them and support end-to-end capability, from device management and connectivity to the evolution of operations. The company wanted to satisfy their customers’ needs by providing out-of-the-box connectivity, enabling unbeatable control and convenience.

The list of requirements was an exacting one and the competition among providers was strong. But Teltonika Telematics has always aimed to achieve the very best, meaning that all of its partners needed to uphold the same high standard. That’s why they saw Truphone as the most suitable option, with seamless global, future-proofed IoT cellular connectivity.

Truphone’s solution stood out thanks to the flexibility, convenience, and commercial aspects offered by their prepaid plans, free SMS capability, truly global connectivity, and exceptional support, with one product encompassing multiple cellular technologies. Truphone has made it easier for Teltonika Telematics to expand to the next level, covering new countries and territories and including as many networks as possible with satisfactory conditions, thus enabling their customers to choose everything they need from one supplier.

Ultimately, Truphone and Teltonika Telematics share an evolutionary vision for eSIM, and a goal to offer connectivity across the world with the freedom to choose for their customers. Given how Truphone is helping to futureproof Teltonika Telematics’ solutions through the power of eSIM with the benefits of Truphone’s truly resilient global network and its seamless cellular connectivity solutions, the future of IoT connectivity looks good for Teltonika Telematics and its customers.

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