Apple Watch Family Setup: A product ahead of its time

Apple Watch Family Setup: A product ahead of its time

Michael Moorfield, director of product, Truphone

This week, Truphone proudly launched support for Apple Watch Family Setup. A new set of plans that allow families to set up and connect their Apple Watches without the need for everyone to have an iPhone. It gives each family member their very own mobile number and freedom to use their Apple Watch and keep in contact wherever they are.

It marks the bringing together of the most advanced watch on the market today with Truphone’s global mobile network and eSIM technology to make this brand-new family feature available to customers across four continents.

For the younger generation, Apple Watch Family Setup will be their very first mobile number. Whilst some look back with fond memories of their very first mobile phone – whether it be a 2kg Motorola, a Nokia 3210 or their very first Apple iPhone – for today’s generation, things have changed.

For our children, a ‘phone call’ will not be something that requires you to pick up that weird thing that sits on the desk or the screen that squeezes into your pocket—it will be something that can always be available and accessible on your wrist. Whether that’s a reassuring call at school pick-up or a more serious emergency, the Apple Watch will be the first ‘phone’ many children look for to communicate with their friends and family.

At Truphone, launching Apple Watch Family Setup is yet another milestone in our mission to connect people, things and businesses around the world. Since 2016, Truphone has been working with Apple to enable you to connect better. Be it on an iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch, Truphone is able to keep you connected in more countries than any other carrier in the world.

The new Apple Watch is a product ahead of its time. It is not just the latest innovation in wearable tech and the personal and health benefits that can come along with it. It is also a timely reminder of what the Internet of Things is all about. Small, power-efficient and intelligent products that make us smarter, allow us to make better decisions and simply make our lives better. All of this is not possible without great connectivity and we are delighted to be enabling this in Apple’s latest products.

Behind the scenes of our simple monthly and annual plans for Apple Watch lies the latest in eSIM technology built by Truphone.  You see, within this tiny package, it’s not immediately obvious that there is not a SIM card in sight. It is simply not possible to keep the SIM slot and put this much innovation in such a small device.

This is where the benefit of eSIM comes in. Each Apple Watch with Cellular supports the ability to activate a mobile plan directly via the Watch app. In just a few taps, it can configure the mobile connection to the Truphone mobile network completely over the air. Truphone’s proprietary Remote SIM Provisioning and Entitlements platform makes all this possible. It was built from the ground up to ensure that our customers’ devices can connect and work straight out the box—without fiddly and impractical SIM cards.

An Apple Watch family connected by Truphone is a showcase of what eSIM technology means for customers and what being truly always connected is all about. Together we are paving the way for what the future model of mobility will look like for years to come and – crucially – not just for customers on the Truphone network. Our platform sends an eSIM profile to 20,000 devices each and every day and is used by over 30 network operators around the world for their own customers.

Our latest release of Truphone Remote SIM Provisioning and Entitlements server makes it easier than ever for any network operator to launch support for Apple devices and the new Apple Watch with Family Setup. At Truphone, we are proud to be working alongside the biggest brands and network operators on the planet to make staying connected simpler than ever before.

If you would like to find out more about our Apple Watch Family Setup plans click here or if you would like to learn a bit more about the Truphone technology that is making all this possible, contact us here.

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