4 ways eSIM will help you optimise your business

4 ways eSIM will help you optimise your business

Global connectivity is here. With the advent of embedded SIM technology - commonly referred to as eSIM – we've taken an unprecedented leap forward. It seems we're heading for a future defined by continuous access to mobile networks. Seamless integration between mobile devices and IoT hardware will impact and improve on almost every aspect of our lives.

An eSIM is a rewritable chip that is fixed directly to a device's motherboard. What makes it revolutionary is its capacity to host multiple SIM profiles, removing the need to replace SIM cards every time you want to change your network carrier.

Embedded SIM technology is becoming increasingly popular, with major players like Apple and Google throwing their weight behind it and releasing eSIM-enabled devices. Staying connected is about to become a lot easier.

This is all good news for consumers, who will soon be able to enjoy an improved user experience, not to mention the wide-ranging benefits of advanced IoT systems.

But they're not the only ones with reasons to be excited about the embedded sim. For businesses around the world – and for anyone wishing to improve efficiency and productivity in their workplace – these developments present some genuinely exciting opportunities.

Embedded SIM chips will expand IoT networks, enhancing the abilities of companies to track cargo and equipment. With Remote SIM Provisioning capabilities which come as standard with eSIM technology, you'll be able to manage multiple profiles through a single dynamic interface. New sustainable connections can be built with consumers, allowing manufacturers to gain direct access to essential data.

The possibilities are wide-ranging and transformative. Here are just four ways that eSIM technology can help you optimise your business.

Roaming charges – redefined

For any business with an overseas reach and the ambition to transcend the limitations of borders, extortionate roaming charges can be a real problem. Working abroad is now a must for many in the modern age, but the cost of connection can be prohibitive.

With embedded SIM chips in your devices, travelling will no longer pose this problem. As soon as an employee touches down in their new location, they can select a short-term plan from a service provider in that country. The process could take less than a minute; you'd be online in seconds and paying an affordable local rate.

In an era when global networking is an essential element for any major company, this will be a huge advantage.

True IoT Integration

The more widespread eSIM technology becomes, the more capabilities our smart devices will have to 'talk' to each other. This means that data gathered through one device – a watch, perhaps, or even just a mobile phone – can inform and refine the processes of another.

Businesses can take full advantage of the possibilities here. When marketing a new piece of hardware, a raft of apps and bespoke management platforms can now be worked into the package. These could even be structured with different monetised tiers, allowing for sustained revenue channels even after the initial transaction is complete.

With eSIM-enabled devices, the possibilities for both consumer and producer are limitless.

Keeping Track

The installation of an embedded chip in so-called 'dumb' objects allows them to be connected into an IoT network. This means they can be managed remotely through platforms elsewhere in the world.

For companies that rely on moving large amounts of cargo around the globe, this presents a fantastic opportunity to perfect the systems by which their goods are tracked. Shipping containers can now be fitted with an eSIM, transforming them into 'smart' IoT assets. With connectivity enabled, the exact whereabouts of a crate in a Hong Kong harbour could be tracked through a digital platform in New York.

Equipment that might run the risk of being lost or stolen could be safeguarded with the introduction of an eSIM, and even individual devices like phones and tablets could be reliably managed from a distance. Security and tracking capabilities are one of the many benefits for businesses with the foresight to adopt eSIM technology.

Dynamic partnerships

For anyone producing devices or hardware with eSIM and IoT capabilities, the value of establishing new relationships with network providers shouldn't be underestimated.

If your business is designing or selling a product that relies on connectivity and IoT links, partnerships with mobile network operators can offer a range of dynamic possibilities. As well as the financial incentives, exclusively bundling your product with connectivity from selected providers could give manufacturers, including the original SIM vendors, a more direct relationship with users.

With connectivity channels established early in the manufacturing chain, consumer data could be filtered back to inform your company's strategies in the future, allowing you to map the user experience more accurately than ever.

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